Best Online Casino Bonuses for Kuwaiti Players

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Online casino sites offer a wide range of bonuses to players. The main objective of these bonuses is to entice players to register via these sites and try the games.

In this article, we have collected for you a collection of the best Kuwait casino bonuses available through the best brands of online casino sites for Kuwaiti players.

Best Kuwait Casino Bonuses for Kuwaiti Players

What are Kuwait Casino Bonuses? 

The online casino industry has witnessed a remarkable development with the great technological advancement of Internet services in conjunction with the great development witnessed by the electronic games development industry.

The two came together to make the online casino industry more exciting, realistic, and viable. However, The online casino industry has faced the problem of players getting used to traditional casinos.

The atmosphere of the traditional casino of music, drink, etc. has been associated in the minds of players greatly with the casino games itself. Therefore, The transition of these players to online casino sites, Replacing the real world with a virtual one was difficult.

The online casino industry thought of a unique way in which they could attract these players  to online casino sites. This idea was “casino bonuses”.

Casino bonuses are incentives or gifts that the casino gives to players in order to motivate them to join, subscribe and obtain an account through the site, Then deposit via the site and try online casino games.

Main Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are divided into a very large variety of types. In this section, we will present to you the most popular types of casino bonuses available, in addition to a simple explanation of each of these types:

  1. Casino Welcome Bonuses

Casino welcome bonuses are those that a player receives directly for signing up or obtaining an account through the online casino site. These bonuses are divided into several types, The most famous are:

  • No Deposit Bonuses: The primary purpose of this type of bonus is for the player to be able to try some online casino site games before depositing any amount of cash.

Of course, the player will have to register by email and get an account first before they can receive that bonus.

Once the player completes the registration process, The bonus is credited to his account. This bonus can range from $10, $20 and up to $500.

The player can use this bonus to experience a range of games offered by the site. But of course, the player will not be able to collect any profits that he makes while playing with this money! The main purpose of this money is just to try games.

  • Deposit Bonuses: Deposit bonuses offered via online casino sites vary greatly in terms of value and frequency. In terms of value, There are two types of bonuses the first of which is the finite value rewards. This means that the player will receive a fixed amount regardless of the value of his deposit. In this category, Some casinos offer bonuses that can be up to $150 USD. 

On the other hand, Most casinos do not follow this pattern. Rather, it offers deposit bonuses based mainly on the value of the player’s deposit. How? A percentage of the player’s deposit received is determined as a bonus.

This can range from 50% to 300%. But casinos usually tie this ratio to a maximum. For example The player can receive 100% of his deposit up to a maximum of 300 USD.

This means that if a player deposits 1000 USD for example, He will only receive 300 USD.

Of course, most casinos, as mentioned earlier, rely on the percentage system to encourage players to deposit larger amounts. 

As noted earlier, Deposit bonuses don’t just vary in value, It’s also in repetition. But what does this mean?

It means that there are some online casino sites that offer deposit bonuses every time a player deposits into his account through  casino sites. The main objective of this initiative is to encourage players to deposit larger amounts and enjoy the games.

And between the sites that offer this bonus on the first deposit only, Sites that offer this bonus every time a player makes a deposit. There are some sites that offer this service for a limited number of deposits, The first 3 deposits for example.

  • Free Courses: Free spins are one of the most popular casino bonuses offered by online casino sites. Casino sites offer what are known as free spins for slots for example to players when they sign up.

What’s fun is that players can actually earn profits for these tournaments if they win. These free courses are used as a way to familiarize players with the slots games available through the site in general.

  1. Weekly and monthly competitions

Weekly and monthly contests are one of the most popular types of  Kuwait  Casino bonuses offered through online casino sites. Major casino sites hold a range of competitions between their players in certain games, At the end of these competitions, prizes are distributed to the top 10 players or 20 players accumulating points.

There is a large selection of competitions that are conducted through online casino sites, Some of them to promote some games, Some of them are installed by sites in order to encourage players to compete and get attached to the site.

  1. Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty points are one of the most popular casino bonuses. The main idea behind loyalty points is to reward players for spending on online casino sites, And keep them connected and loyal to those sites.

The traditional form of loyalty system offered on most online casino sites is that the player gets a certain number of points with every US dollar spent on the site. After a while of playing, and accumulate a good number of points, The player can redeem these points either for real money deposited in his account, And either courses in some slots games or other games.

Another form in which loyalty points can come is the system of levels. The aim of the tiering system is to familiarize players with the advantages that each player can receive when they skip their deposit and spend through the casino site a certain amount.

Some casinos offer several levels such as silver, gold, and bronze. The player must deposit an amount and bet on it to join any of these levels. Of course, the requirements for these levels vary on the one hand, On the other hand, the features you can get vary across these levels.

One of the most famous advantages that you can get by joining these levels is that you get better offers, Or even a better percentage of welcome prizes when you deposit into your account through the site, In addition to some other features such as the ability to withdraw and deposit cash faster.

  1. Double Slots Rewards

This type of bonus is very popular on online casino sites. The main goal of this type of bonus is to promote new slots or even attract players to try old slots games.

In this type of reward, Casino sites double players’ winnings over a limited period. For example If the player plays a Starburst slot game within the next week, Any profits he receives will be multiplied by 100%!

Of course, this type of bonus attracts players greatly, Wanting them to double their profits and try new games.

  1. Referral Bonuses

Although referral bonuses are not very popular among online casino sites. But there are still a bunch of casinos that offer this type of bonus to players.

The player receives referral bonuses when he invites another player to join the casino site.  But of course the new player must make a specific deposit (the casino sets its minimum “usually the minimum deposit starts from 25 USD”). After completing the deposit process, The referring player receives  a small percentage for referring the other player.

  1. VIP Rewards

VIP bonuses are one of the most exclusive bonuses in the world of online casino. It is undoubtedly one of the best Kuwait casino bonuses.

The big customers across online casino sites are those members who bet very large sums on some games.

The minimum membership in the VIP Club varies from casino to casino. But the minimum at most prestigious casinos usually starts at 5000 USD.

Participation in the VIP Club provides a wide range of services and features for the player, the most important of which are:

  • Instant Withdrawal and Deposit: Large clients get a special service when they make deposits or withdrawals. The withdrawal process for traditional players usually takes from two business days to 5 days. In the case of large clients, withdrawal requests are processed immediately or within a maximum of one working day.

In addition, Casino sites do not restrict major players when it comes to withdrawals and deposits. Top players can withdraw and deposit almost any amount from their account via online casino sites.

  • Special Rewards: Top players receive a range of special rewards that are not available to other players. For example, traditional deposit bonuses, which allow traditional players to receive 100% of the deposit amount, can reach 150% or 200% in the case of senior players. In addition, the maximum bonus itself goes up to encourage top players to deposit more cash.
  • Compensation for losses: One of the most prominent benefits that senior players receive is compensation for some of the losses they may incur.

But how is this applied in practice? Simply put, Online casino sites determine a specific percentage that top players can recover from their losses. This usually ranges from 5-15% of the value of player losses. Some casinos offer refunds for cash. Others require this refund percentage to be used to bet on other games.

  • Personal Account Manager: Casino sites appoint a personal manager to help senior players learn about the different games available through the site, and determine which games best suit their personality or offer the highest percentage of profits.

In addition, The personal account manager assists senior players with withdrawals and deposits, And address any issues or answer any queries players may have.

  • Tickets for concerts and international eventsOne way for online casino sites to thank top players for trusting them and betting a large amount of money is to send some tickets for international concerts or other global sporting events. Online casino sites usually choose a special time to send such tickets (a player’s birthday, New Year’s Day and other major occasions).
  • Special Games: There are a range of online casino games that are not available for traditional players. They are usually some versions of games called traditional table games (roulette – poker – blackjack – baccarat).

The minimum acceptable bet on the tables of these games  can be up to a thousand US dollars. Profits on these tables are very large, So are the losses! Therefore, These versions of these games are only available to top players.   

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How to Get the Best Kuwait Casino Bonuses?

As mentioned above, Casino bonuses are divided into several sections. We will now look at how to get each of these bonuses.

  • How to get a bonus without a deposit:
  1. Register for an account via the online casino website.
  2. Enter all the main data requested by the site, These data are usually (name, address, age, gender). Some sites may request your credit card details, But most sites postpone this step for later.
  3. After completing the entry of all data, The site sends you a verification link via your email. As soon as you click on the link, The process of verifying your email and referring you to the site to review your account is completed after adding your free credit.
  • How to get the deposit bonus:

Deposit bonuses are one of the most popular casino bonuses, You can get it via:

  1. Register for an account via the online casino website.
  2. Complete the registration process by filling in all the required data from the site, Then complete the electronic verification process.
  3. The site then refers you to your personal account page through the site where you can deposit directly.
  4. Before depositing, Be sure to contact the site to request a deposit bonus.
  5. Most online casino sites send you a notification through your personal account through the site, Or via email to alert you about the welcome deposit bonus.
  6. If you choose to accept the welcome deposit bonus, The site will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions after which you will be redirected to the deposit form.
  7. After completing the deposit process, The bonus will be credited to your account via the Site to be available for you to use in different games.
  • How to get loyalty points:

Loyalty points are earned almost automatically. Sites make sure to monitor these points for their players in order to maintain their loyalty. You can earn loyalty points in the following way:

  1. Get an account with the site by following the same points as above.
  2. Loyalty points are earned by registered and active players via the site. This means that you must make even a small deposit through the site for the site to start giving you loyalty points.
  3. Once you have completed the account activation and deposit processes, The site calculates loyalty points with every dollar you spend betting on games on the site.
  4. You can then review your loyalty points balance through your account on the site.
  5. These points are subsequently transferred in accordance with the policy followed on the site. Some sites allow you to redeem these points for real money, Others allow you to redeem these points for only usable cash across various games across the site.
  • How to get double slots rewards
  1. You must be a customer of the online casino site. Therefore, You must register for an account through the online casino website.
  2. Deposit at the online casino site to activate the account and be able to access all available games.
  3. Search for slots games through which the site allows the possibility of doubling profits, And play the game during the duration of the show.
  • How to get referral rewards
  1. Get an account through the online casino site.
  2. Search for a referral link (usually available on your personal account page via the site, If it is not available, you can contact the site via the support channels and request a referral link).
  3. Send the link to the friend or person you wish to refer to register on the site.
  4. The person uses this link to register via the Site, Then deposit.
  5. After the Referred Person completes the deposit, The referral percentage is credited to your personal account.
  • How to get VIP bonuses
  1. Qualifying for the VIP Club can be done during registration, Or even after completing the registration process.
  2. The requirements of casino sites to participate in this club vary, However, the minimum deposit eligible to join this club is usually 5,000 USD.
  3. After joining this club, Players can enjoy all the benefits they can get as VIP customers.

How are the best Kuwait Casino bonuses calculated?

A bonus that may require an explanation of the method of its calculation is the deposit bonus. A percentage is usually set for this bonus (e.g. 100%).

Suppose the player is willing to deposit the amount of 100 USD. In this case, The bonus that the player will receive can be calculated after reviewing the maximum deposit. What does it mean? It means that some casinos set a maximum bonus ($200 for example). In the example we mentioned earlier, Our deposit is only $100 and this requirement will not affect the value calculation.

The bonus value in this example will be 100% of our deposit value of 100 USD. This means that an additional $100 USD will be credited to your account via the site.

 But let’s say the maximum bonus you could get via the site was only $50 USD. It means that the bonus you will receive will be 50 USD.

The best payment methods for rewards

  • Debit and credit cards: Debit and credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods in Kuwait, It is in the whole world. MOST CASINOS SUPPORT THREE BASIC TYPES OF CREDIT CARDS: VISA, MASTERCARD, AND MASTERO.

Withdrawals and deposits using credit cards take no more than one business day.

  • E-wallets: Most casino sites that offer the best Kuwait casino bonuses accept to pay using a wide range of e-wallets. The most popular wallets accepted as a payment method are Skrill and Neteller both of which are accepted and operating normally in Kuwait. Withdrawals and deposits using e-wallets are almost instantaneous.
  •  Bank Transfers: It is the least preferred method by Kuwaiti players. Paying directly through public banks exposes the player to the disclosure of some personal data, which may expose him to a violation of privacy by bank officials. However, Most online casino sites allow the use of bank transfers, However, it takes longer than traditional methods.

What are the wagering requirements?

Most online casino sites offer a bonus known as a deposit bonus. As noted above, The primary goal of this bonus is to attract players to try different casino sites.

However, This question may come to the mind of players, What do online casino sites gain for giving new players so much money? There are some bonuses that can be worth up to $200 or even $300 USD!

And if this question comes to mind, You’re right, of course. Online casino sites offer this amount to their customers as a payment and a free gift that helps them start the betting process. At the same time, It sets some important requirements. These requirements are known as “wagering requirements”.

Wagering requirements are requirements that must be met before a player can withdraw the bonus amount from their account.  Most casinos require the player to bet a certain number of times a value double the bet value, before he can withdraw the bet amount.

How do you calculate wagering requirements?

The calculation of the wagering value requirement depends mainly on the value specified by the site. Casino sites usually require a player to bet 17 to 50 times the value of the bonus.

Suppose the wagering requirements set by the casino were 20 times the value of the bonus received by the player. The wagering requirement can be calculated by multiplying the bonus value by 20. If we assume that the value of the reward was 100 US dollars, This means that the player has to bet $2,000 before he can withdraw the bonus or any winnings he has made using that bonus.

How can you overcome the wagering requirements?

Compliance with wagering requirements is essential and in no way can be circumvented. However, The player can choose to bet on some games with the best profit odds (usually slots) in an attempt to cut down on expected losses.

Loyalty points for Kuwaiti players

 There is a wide range of rewards you can get, One of the most important ones is the loyalty points rewards for Kuwaiti players.

The player gets loyalty rewards after signing up for the site and getting an account. And with every dollar the player spends on any of the games through the site (slot games, Video Poker, …) In return, the player also receives a set of loyalty points that are placed across their account.

It is worth noting that some games give players greater loyalty points than other games.

The more the player continues to bet through the site, The more loyalty points he gets.

The player can later redeem these points for a set of free slot spins for example. Some sites also allow players to redeem these points for real money that can be withdrawn naturally via the player’s account.

Kuwait Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

Reading the casino bonus terms and conditions is very important for several reasons:

  1. You must agree to it: Before the casino credits the bonus to your account via the site, you are asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions. We recommend that you read these terms and conditions to make sure you are aware of all the wagering requirements.
  2. The devil lies in the details: although casino bonuses and especially deposit bonuses are a good way to encourage players to bet on different casino games. At the same time, however, it comes with special requirements that must be met in order to withdraw the bonus.
  3. Wagering Requirements: As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, Casino sites require certain conditions to be met for the bonus withdrawal. The wagering requirement is the player’s bet of an amount determined by the casino in order to be able to withdraw the bonus amount. You should know this amount well before accepting the bonus. Because if you cannot meet the wagering conditions with this amount, this amount will be deducted from you in addition to any winnings you have made using this amount.
  4. The value of the bonus only or the deposited balance? One of the things to make sure of is to know if the wagering requirements apply to the value of the bonus only, Or also affects the deposited balance. What does it mean?

In the traditional case, Casinos set wagering requirements for bonus amount only. But other times you find it linking wagering requirements to the deposit amounts and the bonus value combined! In this case, when calculating the wagering requirements, the deposit amount must be included in the bonus.

Example: A Kuwaiti player deposited 100 USD through an online casino website. The player received a welcome bonus of 50 USD. The wagering requirements for this site were related to the bonus amount and deposit amount combined. The wagering requirement was 17 times. In this case, the player must make a bet of 2550 USD before he can withdraw the bonus or winnings he has earned using the bonus amount.

  1. Time to meet the wagering requirements: A very important thing to review carefully is the time available to meet the wagering requirements. Online casino sites tie the fulfillment of wagering requirements to a specific period. This period is usually only one month – of course this duration varies from casino to casino – and by the end of this month, If the player cannot meet the wagering requirements, The value of the bonus is withdrawn from him and any winnings earned by the player using the bonus amount.  

FAQs about the best casino bonuses Kuwait?

What are free slots courses?

Slots games are one of the most popular and easiest online casino games. They are games that depend entirely on luck.
Free slots are courses that casinos give on a number of occasions, the most famous of which is as a gift to players when depositing. The player gets a set of slot tournaments for free, He is usually allowed to maintain all the profits he made during these cycles.
The player can also get a free set of slot games by transferring loyalty points in his account to the slot games.

Can I get free slots without deposit?

Some casinos make such a feature available to players in order to familiarize them with the services offered through the site to attract players to register and deposit through the site.

Can I withdraw the profits I made from a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a bonus that casino sites give to players after registering and getting a free account for the purpose of giving players a chance to get to know and try some games.
For sure With this bonus players can generate a good set of profits.
However, withdrawal of these profits is not available, Unless the player has met the wagering requirements, which usually require the player to deposit cash, And betting with real money at a value equivalent to the wagering requirements mentioned in the terms and conditions of the site.

How do casinos profit from offering a no-deposit bonus to players?!

The real profit that online casino sites get is the acquisition of a new player. In contrast, This player will only be able to withdraw any winnings made using this bonus after fulfilling a wagering requirement that guarantees the casino its full right.

Do all casinos offer no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses?

No. There are a bunch of casinos that do not offer this type of bonus. These casinos usually focus more on the various loyalty bonuses of their players.

Will I get a bonus every time I deposit?

This varies from casino to casino. There are some casinos that allow players to receive a bonus every time they deposit. Some casinos allocate this prize only for the first deposit.

Do casinos refund player losses?

This service is already present on some online casino sites. But they are usually limited to the casino’s top clients (whose deposits exceed 5000 USD).
In addition Casinos refund 10-15% of player losses. Some casinos allow this percentage to be withdrawn in cash. Others allow this balance for the player to use to bet on the site again.