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One of the most important concepts that has gained momentum in recent times is live casino or live casino sites.

In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the best live casino sites in Kuwait.

Live Casino Kuwait Games

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What is a live casino?

The concept of live casino has emerged mainly in the last decade, As a result of the great technological development witnessed by the online casino industry. 

The idea behind launching a live casino came mainly from the fact that online casino sites realized that there were some players attached to the traditional form of online casinos.

It is accustomed to play casino games with a real dealer, He may find it difficult to get used to playing through the software offered through online casino sites.

With the great technological development, Especially video streaming technologies and increasing Internet speeds, A group of online casino sites have developed live streaming technology for a dealer that fully manages games, Players can communicate with him and tell him what bets they want to place. The dealer then places these bets and manages the game directly in front of the players.

Therefore, This technique is called live casino technology or live dealer casino. 

Of course, Mubasher Kuwait specializes in offering traditional games. Slot games, for example, don’t need a dealer. Because these games are played in traditional casinos via machines similar to the software currently  used on online casino sites.

As for the games offered through a live casino in Kuwait, they are usually roulette games, Blackjack, poker and baccarat. Each of these games has a large audience, This prompted some sites to make different versions of these games available as well to live casino fans. Roulette, for example, some sites offer several versions of it, such as American roulette, French roulette and European roulette.

Poker also comes in several versions, the most famous of which are Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Features of Live Dealer Casino in Kuwait

  1. Exceptional experience: The traditional casinos available in the Middle East are spread across a few countries. More importantly, some of these casinos have complex entry requirements.

Online casino sites have created a good outlet for players who want to try casino games in all countries of the Middle East, for sure, But better than trying casino games with software through online casino sites, It is the experience of the premium experience of a traditional casino!

No need to travel, No need to leave your place even. You will enjoy the services of a live dealer who will manage your favorite version of your favorite game and share a good  time with other players as well.

  1. An ideal option for sociologists: Of course we all love games in general, But sometimes, We want to share playtimes with others. Especially in light of the large amount of time we now spend daily in front of screens.

Live casino sites in Kuwait offer such a convenient opportunity, You can try your favorite casino games and enjoy spending time with other players.

Best Live Casino Sites in Kuwait

To arrangeCasinoRewardFeaturesDefectsPlay Now
#1 888 casino150 USD• Many and varied payment options and a large package
• One of the best casino games
• Support by phone and email
No part of the welcome bonus is allocated to traditional casino games such as table games (poker and roulette)Play Now
#2 Spin Casino1200 USD• Over 700 casino games
• A variety of withdrawal and deposit methods
• Does not offer bingo game. It is a game similar to the lottery game
• Customer support by chat is only available upon login
• High wagering requirements that must be met to receive the bonus amount (as all sites
Play Now
#3 Ruby Fortune Casino900 USD• Round-the-clock customer service
• 650 assorted casino games and slots
• Monthly casino bonuses
• Withdrawal requests are not processed until after 4 full days
• The site’s FAQ section lacks a large set of necessary data
Play Now
#4 Europa Casino2800 USD• Established since 2003
• Available across Android and IOS
• Over 400 different slots from Playtech
• Welcome bonuses can only be used in slots games
• Some erroneous statements in the “Do’s and Don’ts” section of the website
Play Now
#5 Jackpotcity Casino 1900 USD• Specializes in slots with more than 430 slots games available.
• Professional customer service
• The bonus is mainly allocated to slots players and can almost never be used in other casino games Play Now

The difference between a live casino in Kuwait and a traditional online casino

There is a wide range of features in a traditional online casino. But some prefer to enjoy the games via the live dealer casino in Kuwait. What are the most important differences between the two types?

• Available Games Package
In a traditional casino, There is a large selection of games available. We’re talking about hundreds of games to say the least. Famous traditional games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat games in their various versions, in addition to the famous slots games and some other games.

In a live casino, The games offered will be limited to some famous classic games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat only. In addition Of course, there is not much variety that you can find in copying these games in a traditional online casino.

• Use of rewards
In a traditional casino, Players can use welcome bonuses or bonuses they have received in a wide range of games. Although many casino sites recommend using them in slot games, However, it does not prevent their use in other games.

At the live dealer casino in Kuwait, Casinos usually do not allow the use of welcome bonuses when playing.

• Casino atmosphere
In a traditional online casino, Of course, the player cannot feel the classic atmosphere of the casino from the players around him, the voice of the dealer, or communicate with him directly.
Although software has evolved exponentially in the last decade – making the online casino experience very close to the real one – traditional casino games are still a bit far from fully mirroring the classic casino experience.

In the live dealer casino, The player feels that he is getting very close to the atmosphere of a traditional casino. Where he communicates with the distributor directly, He can communicate with other players as well.

And, of course, There’s usually music in the background as well, This helps the player to feel the atmosphere of a traditional casino completely.

Live Casino Sites Bonuses for Kuwaiti Players

As we explained in previous articles, Online casinos offer a set of welcome bonuses to their players, the most famous of which are, of course, welcome bonuses or what is known as deposit bonuses (in which the player gets a percentage of his deposit amount and that percentage varies from one casino to another).

The site usually allows its players to use these bonuses in various types of games to make profits provided that the terms and conditions are met. However, Unfortunately, not all casinos allow players to use these bonuses in live casino games.

Live Casino Kuwait Games

In this paragraph, we will explain each live casino game available to players, how to play this game, and how bets work.

1. Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. In fact, we wouldn’t exaggerate even if we said that they are the most popular casino games in general. Roulette is a game of French origin and its name is derived from the French word meaning “little wheel”.

The first thing you should know about roulette is that it is completely dependent on luck. There is nothing you can do to control the movement of the ball, Or to better expect the results of the game.

Despite the many ways that are widespread online that claim to be able to teach you how to predict where the ball will settle and so on, We assure you that all these methods are completely incorrect.

And the game of roulette is very simple, The dealer throws the ball in the direction of, Then he moves the wheel in the other direction. The ball begins to rotate on the circumference of the wheel until it slows down and rests at one of the holes.

Players place their bets on the number they expect the ball to stop at before the ball slows down, of course. If the player’s prediction is correct, He gets winnings that can be up to 35 times the value of his original bet! That is, 3500 USD if his original bet is only 100 USD.

However, It is noteworthy that the odds of you winning this bet – known as an individual bet – are very slim. permission What is the solution?

We mentioned that you can never predict the right place for the ball to settle, But another way that can help you increase your odds of winning is what is known as outside bets.

In roulette, You can bet on one number as mentioned above, The profit value will be great but the odds of winning will be very low. But there is the possibility of betting on more than one number, In roulette, you can bet on two, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, or even 18 numbers.

And you may be wondering, Why does the casino allow players to bet on all these numbers? Betting on multiple numbers increases the odds of winning! Correct. But at the same time, You will reduce the value of the expected profits.

We will give an example to illustrate, Your expected winnings when betting on a single number are up to 35 times the value of your base profit, But if you bet on two numbers, your expected profits will only be 17 times, The more numbers you bet on, the lower the expected profit value.

And when you bet on 18 numbers, The expected profit value is up to 1:1. That is, you will get the same value as your bet if you win. However, We recommend this type of bet. Because in this type of bet, the casino does not have much advantage over you unlike other types.

2. Poker

A game of intelligence and cunning! Winning poker requires not only luck but skill.

The classic poker version is the Poker 5 Card Draw version. But the most popular version that you are expected to find on most live casino sites in Kuwait is the Texas Hold’em version.

The Texas Hold’em version begins with the dealer asking players to place a minimum bet if they want to sign up for the round. Then the dealer puts 3 cards on the table, These sheets are covered, of course. Each player is then given two cards. Players start reviewing their cards and then the first betting round begins.

In the first betting round, Players choose if they wish to place an additional bet, In this case, the rest of the players must either keep up with their bet, withdraw from the round, or even raise the bet value!
In the event that none of the players wants to raise the bet amount, The tour continues and the dealer puts an extra sheet of paper on the table. Then the second betting round begins.

After the completion of the second betting round, The dealer puts a fifth and final card on the table. And then, Players make the last betting round. After this tour, The remaining players reveal their cards and the best group winner wins.

The deck in poker usually consists of 5 cards. The player can use one card from his hand in addition to four cards from the table. Or two sheets of his hand plus 3 sheets of those on the table.

The winning combinations in poker are:
• Single Pair Group: In this group, The player gets two cards of similar value.
• Couple Group: In this combination, the player receives two pairs of cards of equal value.
• Set of 3 papers of the same type: In this combination, the player gets 3 cards of equal value.
• Sequential group: In this combination, the player gets a set of cards that are graded in value in ascending order.
• Similar group: In this combo the player gets 5 cards similar in type (spades, denari, …) Even if they differ in value.
• Complete Home Set: This group is the product of two groups, the triple group and the one-pair group.
• Quartet: In this combo the player gets 4 cards of equal value.
• Similar series group: In this combo the player gets 5 consecutive cards in value, And similar in kind.

We arranged the groups in ascending order, A player with a similar serial set of course wins regardless of the combinations that exist with other players.

If two players are equal in the type of combos they possess – for example, a single-pair group – the player with the highest pair wins (a pair of 8 cards wins over a pair of 2 cards).

3. Blackjack

Blackjack is very popular in the Arab world. It is the most famous card game in Kuwait as well. Blackjack is known by a group of names in the Arab world, such as Game 31, or game 21, Or the sword game.

The gameplay of blackjack is very easy. The dealer gives each of the players two cards. He then deals two papers to himself as a representative of the casino. One of these leaves is exposed.

The main goal of blackjack is to get the player a total of 21 cards. The player can get this total with two cards, 3 sheets or even more. The first rule in this game is that under no circumstances should your total of cards exceed 21.

After the players review their cards and their total, decide whether they would like to order more papers from the distributor, Or is the sum of their papers sufficient? The important question now is when is your total of papers sufficient? If you have two sheets totaling 21.

The two sheets that can total 21 are two sheets (1 + any image) where the sheet “1” can be considered with two values, which are either 1 or 11. Or you have two pictures for example, A sheet with a picture is counted as 10. The sum of your papers in this case will be 20, Winning will not be 100% guaranteed, But this total gives you a big advantage and the dealer will have to get a total of 21 in order to be able to beat you.

It is worth noting that there is a very important rule in blackjack, Most casinos require their dealers to ensure that their total does not exceed 17. For example, if the total of the two distributed papers is 17, He will be satisfied with this starvation and make it up to you to score a better score!

Mathematically The dealer and the casino choose the best format in the long run as this formula guarantees them an advantage over the player.

How to Play Live Casino Games in Kuwait?

Tips for Choosing the Best Live Casino Sites

The first step, of course, is to choose the right site that offers you all the services and games you need.

Of course, there is a set of things that must be reviewed before choosing the site, the most important of which are site evaluations by users, And the legal status of the site in terms of obtaining a license to provide games to Kuwaiti players, Means of withdrawal, deposit, welcome bonuses, available game package, support services provided and the language in which the site is available as well.

Or, of course, you can check out reliable casino reviews sites to get recommendations on the best casino sites that offer live casino services.

Ready to play now? Try the best live casino in Kuwait

How to Evaluate Live Casino Sites in Kuwait

There are some criteria  that we keep in mind  when evaluating online casino sites that offer live casino services. Or even sites that just offer live casino services. The most famous of these standards are:

  1. licensingOne of the most important criteria to be observed in online casino sites is to ensure that the site has a license to offer gambling games. Casino sites usually have licenses from the Cyprus Gambling and Gaming Commission, or the Karakau Island Gambling Commission, and in order to offer their services in a larger range of countries they have to obtain more licenses.

Of course, you must make sure that the site provides gambling and gaming services to Kuwait.

  1. Reviews: One of the most important criteria that must be met by online casino sites is user ratings. The experience of other users gives it great credibility and shows you how the site handles different segments of players.

 You can also use the reviews provided through our site or any other credible rating sites.

  1. Package of games offered: One of the most important things to consider when choosing a live casino in Kuwait is to review the available game package.

Traditionally Live dealer casino sites offer popular traditional games such as poker, roulette and baccarat, But some other sites offer a premium bouquet of popular versions of these games.

For example, Some sites do not only offer roulette in its basic version, It also offers French and European roulette versions.

It is essential that we make sure that the preferred version of Kuwaiti players exists before registering or depositing via the website.

  1. Arabic language: There are two types of sites that provide their services in Arabic, the first is sites designed specifically for Arab players such as ours, and other sites are interested in translating the site’s content and games for their Kuwaiti players.

We review all these sites and bring you the best ones.

  1. Support Services: One of the most important things to consider when evaluating Mubasher Kuwait casino sites is the various support services provided through the site.

We make sure that the site provides support services via a variety of methods such as email, Or quick chat. We are also reviewing the possibility of the site offering support services in Arabic.

  1. Security Ratings: One of the most important things to review when evaluating live casino sites is security rates. One of the most important things we review is whether the casino site offers crypto services or not.

The most popular encryption service currently in use is SSL. The SSL service ensures that all data exchanged between the user and the casino site is encrypted, including a set of very important data such as debit and credit card numbers, user address and name.  

  1. Welcome Bonuses: There is a wide range of welcome bonuses offered by online casino sites to players. The main goal, of course, of these bonuses is to attract players to try casino games in general.

One of the most popular welcome bonuses is the deposit bonus. The player gets it when he deposits money at the casino for the first time and gets an account.

Some casinos offer very large welcome bonuses that can be up to $2,000 USD when you deposit the first player. And, of course, This bonus  is equivalent to a percentage of the player’s deposit amount. For example, Most casinos offer a bonus of 100%, 50% or 200% of the player’s deposit value.

However, We do not rely much in our evaluation on welcome bonuses since online casino sites often do not allow the use of such bonuses in the first place in the live casino on the one hand, On the other hand, casinos require players to wager amounts that usually amount to 50 times the value of the bonus so that players can withdraw the bonus or any profits they have made using it.

This means that if you receive a bonus of $100, You’ll often have to bet up to $5,000 over a short period of time — usually no more than a week — to withdraw the bonus and any winnings you have earned using it.

  1. Withdrawal and deposit methods: Deposit and withdrawal methods are one of the most important criteria that we look for in various online casino sites. Especially because there is a wide range of withdrawal and deposit methods that do not work in the Arab world.

Mainly, We are always looking for casinos that accept debit and credit cards. It is accepted in almost all Arab countries, specifically Kuwait.

The second method we review is e-wallets that provide services to Kuwaiti citizens such as Skrill.

In addition to reviewing traditional deposit and withdrawal methods, We usually review the times required to complete the withdrawal and deposit processes. Some casinos take up to 4 days for a withdrawal request to be approved! This is what we inform our players about.

  1. Mobile Casino:

Most of our readers visit mobile online casino sites. Therefore, It is necessary to review the casino offer on mobile screens and various tablets.

Some casinos take it an extra step, It provides its players with a special application for Android or iPhone so that its players have a better gaming experience in all respects.

Mubasher Kuwait Casino Sites via Mobile Apps

Live dealer casino sites in Kuwait do not launch special apps for the live casino experience. It usually programs its site so that it appears interactively across all the devices used to access and experience casino games.

However, If the online casino site provides its own mobile app, Live casino services will often be available for use via this app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of devices does a live casino run on?

Most online casino sites offer live casino service on multiple platforms such as PC, tablet and mobile. But of course, it is necessary to review the site to make sure of the available devices as these devices may vary from site to site.

Are the rules of games different in a live casino?

Online casino sites offer a variety of traditional casino games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat and others. These games are of course difficult to change their rules under any circumstances.
But what may cause confusion for some is that there is a different version in Mubasher Kuwait casino from the usual version, The player thinks the rules have differed. But as mentioned, Rules for the same copies are no different.

Are there any rules to consider when playing live casino?

Some players believe that it is necessary to dress up or wear certain clothes to use this feature on online casino sites. This is a misconception.
The dealer and other players will not be able to see you, Essential to maintain your privacy.
However, There are some other rules that should be observed which is to place your bets at the time allowed, Leave a small tip to the distributor if you win, And of course not to use chat to offend other players or the reseller.

Is it possible to set a limit on losses so that I don’t get carried away and lose a lot of money?

This feature is available in some casinos, But it’s not in vogue.
This feature can usually be adjusted from your personal account settings.
It is worth noting that this feature should work if it is available and you have activated it from your account in the live casino section as well. But of course some casinos may disable this feature, Please review the rules of the chosen Mubasher Kuwait casino before playing.

Can I try the live casino feature for free?

Most casinos do not allow players to try this feature for free. But you can try traditional casino games as more casinos offer them for free.

Are Mubasher Kuwait casino games available to all players?

As a matter of fact Most of the casinos that offer these games make them available to premium members, Or for VIP Club members!
There are, of course, some casinos that offer these games to traditional players, But it’s a bit limited.

Can I use welcome bonus money at casino sites?

Most online casino sites do not allow players to use welcome bonus money in live casino games. While the money of these bonuses can be used in other games such as slots or other traditional casino games.

Can the image I see be adjusted for the live dealer or for the table?

Most live casino Kuwait sites allow you to reset the image so that you can see a specific place on the table perhaps. Or you see the dealer from a different angle.

Can I contact the distributor directly?

Yes Most live casino sites allow players to communicate directly with the dealer via a private chat. The main purpose of communicating with the dealer is to ask them how to place bets, for example.
It is worth noting that the dealer will not give any advice regarding your style or method of play as a player. This is forbidden by casino sites, of course.

Are there live casino sites that offer Arabic-speaking dealers?

In fact, we didn’t find any sites that offer Arabic-speaking distributors. However, Don’t worry, In a live casino, you can control the bet value, when to place it, and all other orders with the click of a button if you want.