Online Live Blackjack in Kuwait

One of the most popular online casino games in Kuwait. The favorite game of the American star Kevin Hart! And one of the most famous games in the Arab world.

Best Live Blackjack Sites for Kuwaiti Players

Blackjack has gained great momentum in the Arab world, especially Kuwait. It is known by several names such as 21 and 31 or even the game “Sword”. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about this interesting game.

What is Live Blackjack Online in Kuwait

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games available on online casino sites such as 888 Casino Kuwait. Blackjack is one of the most popular games in Kuwait and the Arab world in general.

The history of the game dates back to the European continent, It then moved to the United States of America where a large collection of versions of this game was developed.

The real secret behind the popularity of live blackjack online in Kuwait is that it is an exciting and easy game to learn at the same time. As a matter of fact You can find a large selection of versions of this game available in the Middle East under different themes such as “Game 31” or “Sword Game” and other names that vary from country to country.

Also, this game is a mixture of traditional luck that comes with all casino games, Like a little strategy that can help players improve their chances of playing. permission It is different from the game of online roulette in Kuwait , which depends entirely on luck, And poker, in which skill plays a big role.

How to play Live Blackjack

Play live blackjack Kuwait with the same rules that apply to traditional blackjack. Although the rules are generally no different, However, we’ll take a quick look at the most prominent rules of the ticket blackjack.

  1. Live blackjack online in Kuwait is a team game, Can be shared by up to 8 people, It can also be practiced individually against the casino directly.
  1. The dealer deals cards to the players, Each player gets two cards, These two cards are unexposed to other players. After the completion of the distribution process, The dealer distributes two cards to him as a representative of the casino, The only difference is that the two dispenser sheets are usually exposed, Which gives players some advantage.
  1. Players review their cards to find out their current position from the round. The overall goal of blackjack is to get the player a total of 21 cards. This sum can be achieved using any combination of papers, For example, the player can use only two cards (the card with the number 1 in addition to a card with the number 10 or any picture where the pictures in blackjack are equivalent to 10, A card with the number 1 can be considered by the player as one of the two values, either 1 or 11 according to his desire), This set can also be collected from three sheets (3+8+1), for example. As the player can request more cards from the dealer according to his desire in order to reach this total.

However, It’s worth noting that skipping a player’s cards to a total of 21 means that the player automatically lost!

permission The player must strive for a total of 21 cards, Or as close as possible to this total (20 or 19) for example to maintain some chances of winning.

In the event that the player decides to stop asking for cards at 19 or 20, for example, He can win if the rest of the players don’t have a better total than that in any way. If other players have a better score, Or one of the players got 21, Those win and the player loses automatically.

  1. And in blackjack, The player can also request the cards section, This means that in the middle of the round he decided to play with the other hand, That is, it takes an additional position for a new player. For example, When the round starts and the player gets two cards worth 8, Expert players usually split the two cards and place a new bet, They ask the distributor to put a new additional sheet of paper on each of these sheets. The player doubled his bet, But in this way he tries to gain some advantage over the casino in Live Blackjack.

5. At the end of the tour, The distributor distributes for himself according to a set of pre-prepared rules, Players are required to reveal their cards to determine the winner.

Live Blackjack Online Rewards in Kuwait

Play live blackjack Kuwait and play live blackjack online and get a wide range of rewards. Online casino sites such as YYY Casino Kuwait and Bayt Final Casino Kuwait offer a wide range of bonuses called welcome bonuses for players.

These welcome rewards are divided into a variety of rewards, They are as follows:

  • No Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is not available across all online casino sites, However, It’s the kind that many people are looking for who want to try Live Blackjack for free or with minimal risk.

As the name suggests, Players get this bonus without having to deposit at the online casino site! All players have to do is register for an account through one of the online casino sites as mentioned in the explanation of BC Game before.

The registration process is usually easy and simple, The site asks players to enter their email addresses in addition to some other data such as phone number, place of residence, name, etc. After the players have finished recording, The site sends them a no deposit bonus on their accounts.

The bonuses that players can receive vary from casino to casino. But in general, Players can get free slots to try a collection of the most famous slot games, Or they can get free credit that they use at Play Live Blackjack Kuwait.

It is important to note that any winnings earned by players using this free credit cannot be withdrawn in cash or used in any way. The main purpose of this bonus is to encourage players to try the gaming platform and the site itself. Real profits will require real money and real deposits.

  • Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are the most popular type of online casino site bonuses. Deposit bonuses are the major bonuses that online casino sites advertise to players with the aim of encouraging them to deposit through their platforms and use their services as well.

These bonuses vary strongly from one live blackjack website in Jordan to another, But in general, it comes in the form of a percentage of the value of the player’s deposit. These sites usually advertise a bonus of 100% of the value of the first player’s deposit, for example.

And, of course, Online casino sites put an end to that bonus, That is, the formula is 100% of the deposit value with a maximum of 200 USD. That means the maximum that players can get regardless of their deposits is 200 USD.

Of course, these bonuses come with a set of terms and conditions that players must meet in order to receive those rewards. The most prominent of these terms and conditions is the request of those sites from players to bet amounts equivalent to 40 times the value of the bonus, Before players can withdraw that bonus in cash. If we assume, for example, that the player received 100 USD as a deposit bonus, He will have to bet amounts up to 4000 USD in order to be able to withdraw this amount in cash.

Online casino sites usually require players to commit to a short period of time to meet these requirements. Two weeks at the latest, In addition to placing their bets on a specific group of slot games, for example.

  • Periodic weekly and monthly bonuses

Periodic weekly and monthly bonuses are rewards intended for existing players. After the player subscribes to the Live Blackjack Sites, He can review all competitions available on the site and participate in one of them.

In general, These competitions give a wide range of prizes to a large number of players. The first 100 players can receive prizes for participating in these competitions. Of course, the award for the player who finished first is different from the award for the player who finished last, But usually a large number of players win in those competitions.

  • VIP Client Clubs

Play live blackjack Kuwait and enjoy joining VIP clubs. VIP clubs are how online casino sites honor top depositors.

There are generally two systems that can be subscribed to according to the site itself. Some sites allow all players to subscribe to VIP clubs through what are known as loyalty points. Whenever a player plays adult casino games through the casino site, a set of loyalty points is added.

The player can later redeem these points for direct cash that he credits to his bank account, It can also be used to subscribe to the VIP Club. Of course, a player will need a wide range of loyalty points to be able to sign up for the VIP Club. This collection is collected gradually.

Another way that Live Blackjack players can participate in VIP clubs via live blackjack online casino sites in Kuwait is through large deposits. A deposit of $5,000 is usually required in order to directly sign up for the VIP Club.

Subscription to the VIP Club has a wide range of advantages that players can get, the most important of which are:

  1. Faster processing of withdrawal requests and free bonuses with each time the player deposits (with terms and conditions of course applying).
  2. Some gifts in kind and material in public celebrations such as New Year’s holidays, And some special occasions such as the player’s personal birthday.
  3. Live Blackjack sites gift tickets to international concerts or major sporting events to some members of the VIP Club.
  4. The site provides a dedicated support service through what is known as a personal account manager. A personal account manager is a person dedicated to providing support to the VIP account holder.

Types of Live Blackjack Kuwait

As mentioned above, Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world of online casino, so, There are tons of different versions of blackjack. The most popular versions are the Vegas Strip, European Blackjack, Double Exposure, Blackjack Switch, and Spanish Blackjack.

The most popular types of Live Blackjack

  • Vegas Strip

As is clear from the name, The Vegas Strip is a version of the blackjack game developed in Vegas, USA. However, You can find this version on many live blackjack websites in Kuwait.

The rules of this version are not much different from the traditional version of blackjack except that it is played with four sets of cards to ensure that players do not attempt to manipulate the result in any way.

In addition, If a player succeeds in obtaining a blackjack set (21) with only two cards (a card worth 1 and another card worth 10, whether it is a card of 10 or a picture valued at the number 10) he has a higher profit margin than the player who successfully formed a three-card blackjack.

  • European Blackjack

European blackjack is one of the most popular versions of blackjack as well, It has a slightly different set of rules, albeit only at the technical level.

In European blackjack, The dealer (representing the casino) wins if he gets a blackjack set (21 with two cards) even if the other players have a set (21) but with more cards. The dealer also stops drawing any other card if his total cards are 17.

And in European blackjack, Players can double the bet only if their total cards are 9, 10 or 11, This of course violates the law followed in the traditional blackjack version.

In the traditional blackjack version, Players can divide the pairs they get any number of times. If the player gets two 8 cards, for example, He can divide these two sheets into two groups. After the distributor places a sheet of paper on each of these two sheets, The player can order the new pair section and so on. While in European blackjack, players can divide couples only once, Also, the pairs that are shared must be of equal value.

  • Blackjack Switch

Since the patent of this copy was registered in 2009, This version is very popular among players. Although the goal of this version is similar to that of the classic Live Blackjack edition with a total of 21, However, the gameplay of this version is even more exciting.

In this version, Players must place two bets, That is, players order two sets from the dealer. A player cannot get a single set like in Live Blackjack. In this case, The dealer places two cards on each player’s bet. This means that the player received a total of 4 cards.

But of course it should be noted that these 4 papers are not combined, Rather, each pair forms an independent group. What’s interesting about the Blackjack Switch version is that the player can ask the dealer to swap a card from this deck with a card from this deck to gain the advantage against the casino!

Suppose, for example, that the dealer gave you the first set and it consisted of the numbers 8 and 10, The second group consisted of numbers 3 and 10. The value of the first group is 18, While the value of the second group is 13. But what if the player substitutes 10 in the first set, With paper 3 of the second group?!

In this case, The player will get two sets, one of which is equal to 20 (a number that gives you very high odds of winning), The other is worth 11. In this case, You can manage the order differently by stopping asking for more cards for a group of 20 (since the odds of winning are already high), He requested an additional paper for the group that he valued (11). Imagine getting a 10 worth of paper for this set! This means that both of your collections have very high profit odds.

  • Double Exposure

The Double exposure version is fundamentally different from the traditional Live Blackjack version, The difference is that the two dealer cards are bare for players! Of course this gives great advantage to players for knowing the potential pool value of the dealer.

But on the flip side, This version gives preference to the distributor in several other aspects. The most prominent of these aspects is that in the event of any tie between the dealer and the player, the dealer wins automatically! Of course, the exception is for the player to receive a blackjack set.

The second difference is that in the traditional Live Blackjack version, A player usually gets a 2:3 winover if they get the winning blackjack combination. However, in this version, the matter is slightly different, The profit that a player can get is a maximum of 1:1 even when they get blackjack.

  • Spanish Blackjack

The most notable difference between the traditional Live blackjack game and the Spanish blackjack version is that Spanish blackjack is where all cards with the number 10 are abandoned. Of course the images are preserved, But all 10 cards are removed before you start playing.

Another difference between the Spanish blackjack version and the traditional version is that it allows the player to double the value of his bet after splitting his cards into two groups. This is usually not allowed in the traditional blackjack version.

In the case of traditional Live Blackjack, The player is tied with the dealer if both receive a blackjack set, While in the case of Spanish blackjack, the player automatically wins if he gets a set of 21, Even if the dealer owns the same kit!

CentreLive Casino WebsiteMinimum depositMaximum depositPlay Live Blackjack Online in Kuwait
#1888 CasinoUSD 10There isn’t anyPlay Now
#2Europa CasinoUSD 10There isn’t anyPlay Now
#3Rabona CasinoUSD 10There isn’t anyPlay Now
#4BC. Game CasinoUSD 10There isn’t anyPlay Now
#5YYY CasinoUSD 10There isn’t anyPlay Now

Live Blackjack for real money or free

 There are some casinos that allow their players to enjoy live blackjack online in Kuwait for free without having to deposit any cash. Of course, the number of these casinos is very small, However, We would like to review with you the most prominent differences between trying blackjack for free and playing it for real money.

Play Live Blackjack Kuwait for Free

Free play has a lot of benefits, the most important of which are:

  • You don’t need to risk any amount of cash. Play and have fun without losing any money.
  • Free play is recommended for beginners, Who do not know the rules of the game at all and want to try it for the first time. Playing for free allows them to learn the rules without losing any money at all.
  • Free play can be practiced next to any other activity, It doesn’t take your full concentration, unlike playing with real money, which definitely needs your full focus.

But on the other hand, Playing for free is not as exciting as real play, In addition, learning in general usually requires some amount of risk. permission Playing for real money is very different from playing for free.

Play Live Blackjack Online with Real Money

Playing real money blackjack can be risky. But it’s also more exciting than free play.

However, We always recommend that players study the rules first and try the game for free first before betting on any version of the blackjack available for real money.

Playing with real money lets you earn cash too.

Tips for winning in Live Blackjack

As mentioned earlier, Blackjack is a game that depends on luck by, But also a good game strategy can help players get outstanding results. Below, We will mention to you the most important tips to follow in order to win the blackjack game:

  1. Stick to basic bets and avoid side bets at all times. The most famous side bets are what is known as the “insurance bet”.
  2. Choose a table where the dealer stops at a total of 17 cards, This gives you a greater advantage. Of course, you won’t need to ask the distributor about this rule, All rules of play are announced and available before the rounds start in the first place.
  3. Always divide groups (8) and (1). If you get a pair of 8 cards or a pair of 1 leaves, Immediately divide them to new combinations with new bets, This raises your chances of winning.
  4. Double your bet if you get a total of 11 cards and you could have pulled more cards. In this case, you bet that you will get a paper worth 10, bringing your total to 21, Thus you raise the value of your potential profits.
  5. Always remember that the result of previous rounds has nothing to do with the next rounds! If you win or lose in a round, you don’t think that gain or loss will necessarily continue. There are no guarantees of any future outcome, Each round is a new round with new possibilities. And the important thing is to stop playing if you have bad luck.

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Play live blackjack online on mobile

Play live blackjack Kuwait through live blackjack websites in Kuwait for mobile is very simple and easy, Especially that blackjack is one of the least demanding casino games in terms of design and animation possibilities.

There are usually two ways to enjoy Live Blackjack, The initial is through apps for the casino site you subscribe to. The first is that this site allows you those apps for direct download via the site. Sometimes, The sites make the Black Jack Live version available for Android and Black Jack Live for iPhone directly through their sites.

The second way is for the site itself to be programmed to change the shapes of its pages according to the devices that visit it. These sites are usually called mobile-friendly sites. 

FAQs about Live Blackjack Online in Kuwait

Does blackjack offer one of the best odds of all casino games?

As a matter of fact Live blackjack is considered one of the best games in terms of profit odds. The casino’s advantage over the player ranges from 0.19% to 1% depending on the version difference. Roulette, for example, has a casino advantage of 5.2% sometimes!
The only game that probably matches blackjack in this ratio is video poker games available on online casino sites.

What is a paper counting strategy?

The card counting strategy is a strategy used by some blackjack players in order to gain an advantage over the dealer and the casino site in the long run.
There are a lot of paper counting strategies in general, But it requires a present mind and strength in addition and subtraction. Of course, this strategy is not allowed to be used in traditional casino sites, But you can try it through online blackjack sites live in Kuwait.

What is meant by the term casino advantage?

Online casino sites and even traditional casinos have long been designed to ensure that they have some kind of advantage in the long run to ensure their profitability and continuity.
Of course, the advantage of the casino varies from game to game, As mentioned earlier, Blackjack has one of the best casino advantage ratios among all other games.

Do I have to pay taxes in Kuwait on my blackjack winnings?

As a matter of fact Online betting is illegal and not regulated in the State of Kuwait. Therefore, There is no taxation on the profits you get from blackjack.
But the most important thing is to ensure your privacy and security by using VPN programs to change the IP address of the device used to log in on the one hand, Use digital wallets to withdraw your winnings and not transfer them directly to your bank account via credit cards.

What is Hole Card?

Hole Card means the reference to the invisible card obtained by the dealer. For sure Players would love to know this card as this will help them make decisions about which combinations to get.
But as we have indicated, There is a double exposure version in which the dealer reveals his cards to the players in addition to another set of rules.