Live Online Poker in Kuwait

 One of the most enjoyable online betting games, Live online poker in Kuwait, whose results and profits play a big role in skill through online casino sites Kuwait.

Best Live Online Poker Sites in Kuwait

This game has a long history, It is one of the games that some people play professionally and spend many hours learning and playing it.

In this article, Here is what you need to know about this game, its most important rules, how to welcome it and more!

What is Live Online Poker in Kuwait?

 Live Online Poker in Kuwait is a version launched by online casino sites with the great technological development it has witnessed for players who want to enjoy a real dealer poker experience.

permission Live poker is a traditional poker game, But instead of playing it with traditional software, The player gets an exceptional opportunity to experience and enjoy the game managed by a real dealer.

Live online poker in Kuwait is an adult casino game, in which players communicate with the dealer via live video technology. The dealer receives players’ bets on live chat. Players can also use live chat to communicate with each other as well.

How to Play Live Poker Online in Kuwait?

Rules of Live Online Poker in Kuwait

Play live poker Kuwait with ease since it has the same rules as traditional poker known as 5 cards draw. And if you don’t know how to play traditional poker, In this section of the article, we will give you everything you need to know about how to play poker:

  1. Poker available across various casino sites such as Match Better Casino in Kuwait is a multiplayer game in which between two and up to 8 players participate.
  2. Before the start of the first round, A live poker dealer asks players to place minimum bets to sign up for the round. Only players who have paid for the subscription participate in the round. While excluding players who have withheld payment, With their right to participate in the following rounds if they want.
  3. After collecting the basic bets or reducing the subscription fee for the game, The dealer deals cards to the players participating in the round. Each player gets 5 cards.
  4. Players review their cards, The dealer then asks players to join the first betting round.
  5. Players can bet any amount in this round, Or bettors agree not to bid on this round. However, If a real dealer poker player decides to bid on this round, Other players will have to either bid also with the same value or even bid with a higher value! Or withdraw.
  6. After this betting round is over, The dealer asks the remaining players to submit the cards they wish to redeem them. Players in the 5 cards draw poker version can exchange up to 3 cards. Of course, the decision to change the papers or not, The choice of the number of cards to change is primarily the player’s decision.
  7. After the change process is over, The last betting round begins. In this round, players who want to bet bet and the rest of the players must either keep up with the bet or withdraw.
  8. After the end of this tour, Players expose their cards and the winning player gets all the betting money. If two players draw with the same strength as the sets, They appeal to the weakest cards, If these cards also match, the two players share the betting money.

Winning combinations in real dealer poker

The winning combinations in Mobile Live Poker are the same as in most versions of poker. Below, We present to you these groups according to their upward strength, The weakest group comes at the beginning and we conclude our list with the strongest combination:

  1. Single Pair Group

A single-pair combination is a combination that consists of two cards that are identical in value. For example, Two cards with a value of (2) are called a set of one pair.

It is worth noting that if two players have a set of one pair, The player with the highest paper value wins. For example, If two players have a set of one pair, The first has two cards of class (9), The second has two cards of class (8), The first player wins automatically.

An important rule of thumb that you should know in poker is that the value of the cards is the value shown on them. The value of the cards starts from the number 2 until it reaches the number 10. And after the card 10 comes the card of the prince, the queen, the king, The card with the number “1” is the highest value in poker.

  1. Two groups of couples

The couple set is a set of 4 cards, Every two of them are identical in value. For example, If a player has 4 cards, Two of them have a value of (5), The other two cards have a value of (10), It means that the player has two pairs of cards.

Of course, a player with a set of two sets of pairs wins his opponent who has one pair of cards.

  1. Set of three identical sheets

A set of 3 identical cards is a combination that a player gets when he gets 3 cards of the same value. For example, If the player has 3 cards worth (7), It means that he now possesses a set of identical 3 sheets.

And this group, of course, defeats the previous two groups, But they are weaker than the groups that follow.

  1. Cascading Group

We say that the player owns the consecutive set if the 5 cards he owns are consecutive. For example, If the player has the following cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) It means that the player owns the consecutive set.

The Cascading Group is one of the strongest in Mobile Live Poker. It is noted here that the set must be completely sequential, That is, the cascade of only 4 sheets means that this set is not consecutive.

And of course the pictures are the paper following the number 10. For example, That group (10, Prince, Queen, King, 1) is a consecutive set.

  1. Similar group

The player gets the similar combination if he gets 5 cards with the same symbol. And in paper, There are 4 main symbols that players can get: (spades or black hearts, Dinary or Karoh, and the heart of O Hart, and finally the treville or tree).

permission If the player gets 5 cards of any value and they are all similar in spades symbol, It means that the player has a similar group.

  1. Full House Collection

The Full House group is two identical three sets of sheets, and a single pair group.

For example, if a player gets 5 cards worth (4,4,2,2,2,2), we say that he got the full house set. Full House is a very strong poker group that can beat all previous combinations.

This group is the same as the other groups as well, meaning that if two players in two Full House groups are tied, their cards are valued to see the winner. For example, the Full House group (8,8,9,9,9) wins over the Full House group (2,2,5,5,5).

  1. Set of 4 identical sheets

A similar 4 card set is a group in which the player has 4 cards of the same value regardless of the value of the last remaining card. An example of a set of 4 identical sheets (7,7,7,7).

  1. Similar consecutive set

A similar consecutive group is the group in which the player gets 5 consecutive cards in value, bearing the same logo. For example, that set of cards (4,5,6,7,8) all bearing the heart symbol, is a similar consecutive set.

There is a version of this kit that is the highest value version among all the live online poker collections in Kuwait, which consists of (10, the prince, And the queen and the king, 1) with a spades symbol, It is called the Royal Collection.

That group triumphs over all previous groups.

Live Poker Rewards in Kuwait

Online casino sites offer what are known as welcome bonuses, The main purpose of these bonuses is to attract those wishing to try live poker to register and get an account through their sites.

The bonuses that live dealer poker players can get vary from casino to casino, therefore, In this section of the article, we offer you the most important welcome bonuses available:

  1. No Deposit Bonuses in Live Poker

And this genre is the most popular and best type especially for novice players. Mubasher online poker sites in Kuwait allow their users to get a small bonus that helps them start learning about the gaming platform and some of the main rules of the game.

In order for the player to receive this bonus, All he has to do is sign up for a live account with live poker sites.

But on the flip side, The disadvantage of this bonus is two main things, namely that its value is a bit small on the one hand, On the other hand, most live dealer poker sites limit the use of this bonus to games like slots!

  1. Welcome Deposit Bonuses for Live Online Poker in Kuwait

Welcome deposit bonuses are the most popular type of bonus that live poker players can get. It is a way for online casino sites to encourage players to deposit into their existing accounts. Or even get an account and then deposit into it.

This type of bonus is a real way to attract all poker players everywhere. Since these bonuses are usually worth quite large. Some big sites like 888 Kuwait Casino offer bonuses that can be up to 100% of the players’ deposit value!

We are talking here about the possibility of the player getting 200 USD for free if he deposits 200 USD into his account! This is a lot of money, of course. However, all Mubasher Online Poker sites in Kuwait set a maximum limit that a player receives regardless of his deposit.

Therefore, The bonus formula always looks like 100% of the deposit value up to a maximum of $150 USD, for example. This means that the maximum bonus that a mobile live poker player can receive will be 150 USD.

Although the bonuses seem very tempting, But it also raises a lot of questions for the players. Does it make sense for online casino sites such as YYY Kuwait and other sites to give players all this money just to register or deposit through these sites?

The answer is that these bonuses are not free, It even comes with a set of terms and conditions that players must meet in order to receive those rewards. That means they are more of promises of rewards rather than real rewards.

But what are those terms and conditions that may hinder some from receiving these rewards? We mention to you the most important set of recurring conditions not only across poker sites with a real dealer, But through online casino sites in general:

  1. The player must meet what is known as wagering requirements. The wagering requirements are amounts that the player must bet in order to eventually receive the bonus amount. But how much are these amounts worth? In fact, this value varies from site to site, But in general, Live online poker sites in Kuwait ask their players to bet amounts equivalent to 40 or 50 times the value of the bonus that players received!
  2. If the player receives a bonus of 100 USD, This means that he must bet amounts up to 4,000 or 5,000 USD before he can claim that bonus.
  3. It is worth noting, that live poker sites also identify games that it considers eligible for wagering requirements, For example, Some sites specify that wagering requirements should only be spent on slot games. Others require specific games!
  4. These sites also require that the player meet these wagering requirements within a period of time, usually not exceeding two weeks! Some of these sites even require the player to meet the requirements within one week of receiving the welcome prize.
  5. Finally, Account must be new, The player must not have an active request to withdraw profits during the period of receiving that bonus.

permission Some may be wondering now, And what if I can’t meet the wagering requirements for that welcome bonus? The site will then deduct the welcome bonus that it has allocated to your account in addition to any profits you have made using the money of that bonus.

  1. Loyalty points in real dealer poker

Loyalty points are one of the programs offered by Mubasher Online Poker sites in Kuwait to its players in order to encourage them to be loyal to it and continue betting through the site.

Loyalty point systems vary from site to location. But in general it works the same way. The player gets a set number of points with each US dollar he spends on a game such as poker, for example, Over time players can collect enough points and exchange them for cash, Or even by qualifying them to enter the VIP club.

  1. VIP Club via Live Poker Sites

VIP clubs are for players who deposit large sums of money when they sign up for live dealer poker sites.

The minimum required at most real dealer poker sites is $5,000 USD per deposit! However, As mentioned above, Players can collect enough loyalty points and sign up for the ultimate VIP club.

The main reason for providing such a program is to offer special treatment to top customers who show loyalty towards the casino site. Pet Final Kuwait and other live online poker sites in Kuwait want to encourage this spending pattern.

But what benefits do VIP Club members get?

  • Frequent welcome bonuses: Regular members get one chance to receive a welcome bonus on their first deposit, Some sites offer a lower percentage of welcome bonuses for subsequent deposits. But for senior members, These members get the opportunity to receive the same percentage of welcome bonuses with every deposit they make.
  • Chance to recover some losses: Loss is an integral part of the online betting experience, However, There is no way to recover those losses at all for traditional players. However, in the case of players participating in the VIP Club, They can recover some of the losses they suffered. The percentage of losses they can recover ranges from 8-12% of the total value of the losses.
  • Material and in-kind gifts: Material and in-kind gifts are gifts given by live poker sites to players on public events such as New Year’s Day. Or special occasions like their birthdays. These gifts can be tickets to attend some important sporting or musical events, Or even cash gifts that players can use to complete other bets via the same platform.

At last One of the most important advantages that senior players get is to have a personal account manager, A personal account manager is a specialist who tries to help the player manage his account through the site professionally, It offers recommendations that help the player choose the best games available as well.

Types of Live Online Poker in Kuwait

Play live poker Kuwait with a wide range of copies that you can find on all real dealer poker sites:

  1. Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em is currently the most popular version of live poker. The rules of Texas Hold’em are not much different from the rules of live dealer poker version 5 cards draw.

The Texas Hold’em version is an American version that adds great excitement to the traditional version. Texas Hold’em rules do not allow players to get 5 cards or exchange cards in the middle of a round.

The Texas Hold’em round begins and each player gets only two cards instead of 5. The dealer places 3 cards on the table in front of the players. The Texas-Hold’em version maintains the same rules as traditional poker in terms of the number of betting rounds and the betting method in general.

And some may be offended, If players are not allowed to exchange their cards after each round, How will players be able to improve their combinations? In fact, the Texas Hold’em Poker version adopts a slightly strange principle, And that is, the leaves on the ground are leaves that are available to everyone! That is, everyone can use those leaves to form a group with these exposed leaves, In addition to the two papers that he owns with his own hands.

In the second round of the Texas Hold’em edition, The dealer adds another sheet of paper to the cards appearing on the table, and finally, The dealer also adds another copy to the cards on the table to complete the number of cards and make it 5 cards exposed on the table.

The main rule in real dealer poker is that players can compose their collections using at least one sheet of paper from their hand. In addition to four cards from the table. Or two cards from their hand plus three cards from the table.

The supported combinations in the Tskas-Hold’em version are the same as those adopted in traditional poker.

  1. Omaha Poker Live Mobile

The Omaha game version is the second most popular version after the Texas Hold’em version. The Omaha version is divided into three subversions:

  • Omaha Hi

The only difference between this version and the Texas Hold’em version is that in this version players get 4 cards instead of two.

However, Players must choose from these 4 cards only two cards, Then they add to them 3 cards that are available on the table for all players.

The winning combinations at Omaha High are the same as those approved in both the traditional poker version and the Texas Hold’em poker version.

  • Omaha Hi Lo

This version of Live Online Poker in Kuwait is perhaps the most exciting! In this version, Not only does the player with the best set win, The player with the worst set also wins!

These are the rules, 4 cards are dealt to players traditionally, Players can choose two cards from the cards shown on the ground to form the combination. After the traditional betting rounds are over, All bets placed on the table are divided between the player with the best combination and the player with the worst combination.

  • Omaha 5 cards (Omaha 5 cards draw)

The Omaha version of live poker dates back to the traditional version, Each player receives 5 cards from which to choose two plus three cards available on the table to form the winning group.

Play Live Poker Kuwait for real money or for free and what is the difference?

 One of the important questions that arises in the minds of a large group of readers, Can I play live poker online in Kuwait for free? So why do you need to play it with real money?

As a matter of fact Free play has its disadvantages and advantages, Playing for real money has its drawbacks as well. Below, We monitor the most important of these disadvantages and advantages:

Reviews of Live Online Poker in Kuwait for Free

  • Playing for free is not only loved, It is even necessary for those who do not know the main rules of poker. We don’t think that betting real money for those who don’t know the rules would be a good idea. They will often end up losing a lot of money.
  • Free play gives the player the opportunity to learn about a wide range of poker versions through Mubasher Kuwait casino sites. The player can select the version they prefer or want to play without losing a large amount of cash.
  • Free play is well suited for those who do not want to spend any money on online betting, Or even doesn’t care to take poker with a real dealer seriously.
  • On the other hand, One of the disadvantages of free play is the slow learning process. Whether we accept this or not, Loss in general speeds up the learning process! Of course, we do not recommend losing any money or betting any money that you cannot afford to lose.
  • Free play deprives players of any potential winnings as well. And here we do not suggest that online betting can make you rich! At all Losing is an integral part of online betting. And a lot of players even see only this part.

On the flip side, Play Live Poker Kuwait for Real Money, What are the disadvantages and advantages?

  • One of the most important advantages of playing poker for real money is that the player will feel competitive and exciting about the game. When money is at stake, The excitement generally increases.
  • This also accelerates the pace of learning, Mistakes that cost us money are more easily remembered in the future than unpaid ones!
  • Playing can sometimes bring you acceptable profits. Knowing that most players do not play casino games such as live keno in Kuwait or poker with a real dealer for profit, But in search of excitement and breaking boredom.
  • On the other hand, One of the biggest drawbacks that we can find in playing live poker Kuwait with real money is the large losses that the player may suffer.
  • potential addiction to playing live dealer poker, All casino games can unfortunately drag players into addictive ropes. Especially in light of their desire to compensate for their losses, This is impossible to achieve since the design of these games basically ensures that the casino is the winner in the long run.  

 Tips for Live Online Poker Players in Kuwait

In this section of the article, We will give you a set of tips that can help you enjoy and benefit as much as possible from the experience of playing live poker Kuwait through online betting sites:

  1. Make sure you learn the rules of the game well before you put in your money and bet in any way online on this game.
  2. Don’t look for quick wins, Quick wins are only in movies. Professional poker players know that slow winnings are better. Slow gains mean less risk and therefore fewer losses.
  3. Don’t risk any money you or your family need. Any money you deposit to play poker is subject to the possibility of losing. Therefore, Be careful with the coins you use if you want to bet on a real dealer poker.
  4. Kuwaiti players must use VPN software to access live poker sites. These programs help them change their IP address, therefore, It helps them to hide their identity a bit.
  5. Kuwaiti players should also use digital wallets as a payment method, The most popular digital wallets that can be used on online betting sites are Skrill and Neteller.
  6. At last Make sure that your playing live mobile poker game is mainly intended for experience and fun, And don’t put hopes on earning large sums of money or the like.

Want to play now? Try the best live poker site in Kuwait!

Live Mobile Poker

Live Mobile Poker is one of the games that can be tried and used via mobile traditionally, Where this game is similar to the famous game of Stemmission and Tanneeb all over the Arab world and Kuwait as well.

There are some sites that allow downloading direct poker for Android and downloading direct poker for iPhone, Others offer gameplay services directly via the website.

However, Websites are customized to showcase the game well to players. Therefore, You can experience the game normally through online betting sites even in the absence of a standalone application through which you can download and download the game.

FAQs about Live Poker

What is the difference between traditional poker and live poker?

Traditional poker is played by players using software, While he runs a poker game with a real dealer who receives players’ bets and executes them directly for them.

Are the rules of live poker different from the rules of traditional poker?

No In terms of grammar, any version of a traditional poker game matches its counterpart in live poker. Just be sure to review the name of the version to make sure you’re enjoying the same version you play as a traditional poker game.

Is live poker entirely skill-based?

Poker is generally famous as one of the casino games in which skill plays a big role, However, Casino games in general have luck playing a pivotal role.
In poker, for example, The player gets a deck of cards that he cannot even change in some copies. This means that he is probably lucky and gets a very strong combination, And maybe the opposite. Therefore, We can say that poker does not depend on skill completely, Luck plays a big role in determining their outcome as well.

What are the biggest profits and losses I can secure in Mobile Live Poker?

As a matter of fact There is no exact answer to this question. Losses in poker depend on how much bets the player placed and lost. Poker is one of the games that the player can drift and raise his bet significantly, which may deepen his losses as well!
And profits as well, As there is no cap that can serve as a cap on players’ bets, Players can even place very big bets in one round. If the player wins this round, his profits are expected to be so large.
In conclusion, The player can of course predict his losses at the very least according to the amount of bets the player will bet.

What is the most popular version of live dealer poker?

The currently most popular version of live dealer poker is the Texas Hold’em version. It is consistent with the traditional poker version in all laws and rules, It only differs in gameplay.