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When it comes to Kuwait Online Casino’s privacy policy, through which personal information about Kuwaiti players is collected, and use them legally and store. You must be aware that the goal of this, is to optimize the service, And never worry about your privacy and the safety of this information, Kuwait Casino encrypts all this information and protects it with the highest levels of encryption. It puts your security and privacy first.

Since the privacy policy is important and necessary to reach Kuwait Casino and benefit from all the services it provides, on this page we will provide all Kuwaiti players with a complete guide to the concept of the privacy policy, what it means and what is its purpose, and other important information. If you are a fan of online gambling, You should read this guide well for your benefit!

Kuwait Online Casino Privacy Policy Concept

In simple terms, Kuwait Online Casino privacy policy, Very similar to the terms and conditions that concern his rewards, It displays the terms of its privacy policy and profiles, Once you have completed your registration, You assume that you agree to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, They will then collect personal information about you and cookies, Just to better serve you, So that you have more fun every time you log in to the casino.

Kuwait Casino collects the personal data of Kuwaiti players, In order to provide the service, And even to improve them continuously. Therefore, you consent to the collection of personal data with him, Subject to the terms and conditions, Attached to it, It serves as a permit for us to do so. Now we explain it more to you, about personal information, profiles and certain terminology about the order, To be aware of everything that goes on about your personal and other data.

The most important terms that come in the privacy policy of Kuwait Online Casino

While reading the privacy policy of Kuwait Casino Online, You will find some concepts and terms that you may not be able to understand their meanings, we will do this to explain it to you more, By clarifying the concept of these terms as follows:

Service Definition: The Service means the Kuwait Casino website. Which offers online gambling games for Kuwaiti players.

Personal Data: means the personal and identifying data that Kuwait Casino can identify and collect about you, or that it will collect later.

Data processing: means the collection of personal data automatically, in order to obtain the service, or for the service of infrastructure, which includes certain things such as web session time.

Cookies: These are small files that are sent to the device you are using to obtain the service from Kuwait Online Casino, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone.

Data controller: means the data controller, may be a real or legal person, who determines the personal data collected and the way it is processed, whether Kuwait Casino does so itself, or through a partnership with other parties.

Data Processor (Service Provider): Service processor refers to a legal person who holds data on behalf of the data controller. Kuwait Casino may use services from a range of service providers, In order to process the data in a more quality way.

Data Subject: This term refers to the Kuwaiti player who obtains the Kuwait Casino service, and thus the subject of their personal data.

Data Collection and Use: refers to all personal data collected by Kuwait Casino about Kuwaiti players, with the aim of providing and continuously improving the service.

Types of data collected at Kuwait Online Casino

The data that Kuwait Online Casino collects about each Kuwaiti player varies, Of which:

  1. Personal data: In order to obtain the Kuwait Casino service, The casino collects the personal data of any player he has, which refers to his identity, or identifying information about it, They are diverse data such as:
  2.  Data Usage: Kuwait Online Casino collects information regarding how to access it and how to use it. This information can include the IP address of the device that the Kuwaiti player will be serving, and the name of the browser through which it accesses, and browser version. In addition to the pages he accessed, the date and time of entry, and the time of each session, next to the unique identifiers of the device, and other analysis data.
  3. Tracking cookies: Kuwait Casino uses cookies and tracking software, In order to monitor the Service, In which he can choose to retain certain data


Cookies are small files that carry a range of information, Which can include an anonymous unique identifier. These cookies are sent to the browser you use to access Kuwait Casino, It is stored on the Kuwaiti player’s device. As well as the use of some other procedures, including tags and texts “command files”, Its function is to collect, track and improve the service, and references to the “group of translators”.

The Kuwaiti player is free to accept or reject the cookies carried out by Kuwait Casino, However, if he refuses to accept these files, Maybe he can’t get the full casino service. It can also instruct its browser to refuse the process of all cookies, Or specify when the cookie will be sent.

Types of cookies used by Kuwait Casino

  1. Preferred cookies: Kuwait Casino uses favorite cookies, In order to remember your favorites and settings.
  2. Session cookies: In order to operate the service
  3. Security cookies: For security reasons.

Reasons for Kuwait Online Casino to Use Personal Data:

There are many reasons why Kuwait Casino uses the data it has collected. Some of these reasons are:

  1. Continuing to provide and improve the service to Kuwaiti players.
  2. Provide the necessary technical support
  3. Inform you of any modifications to the service
  4. Get a complete detailed analysis to improve service delivery
  5. give you the opportunity to participate in the interactive features of the service, When you decide so.
  6. Prevent any technical problems, And discover them when they occur and treat them immediately
  7. Monitor the way Kuwaiti players use the service
  8. the legal framework for the processing of personal data, According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For Kuwaiti players who are residing in the European Economic Area (EEA), Kuwait Online Casino has the scope of legal rights to collect and use the personal data described in the Privacy Policy. It allows it to collect personal data and also determines the specific scope within which the data is collected.

Reasons for Kuwait Casino to process its personal data:

  1. In order to sign Kuwaiti players
  2. The processing of personal data is part of the interests of Casino Kuwait, It does not conflict with the rights of Kuwaiti players or others
  3. With the consent of the Kuwaiti player to the processing of personal data, Kuwait Casino has received approval from him to do so.
  4. Apply current regulations.

Why Kuwait Online Casino Keeps Personal Data

In order to comply with the Privacy Policy, Kuwait Casino retains the personal data of Kuwaiti players, and will use them only for necessity, In order to fulfill the legal obligations of its clients, For example, in order to provide solutions to contradictions, and the imposition of policies and agreements

Also, one of the reasons why Kuwait Casino keeps the personal data of Kuwaiti players is is the use of this data for internal analysis, The retention period will not be long, However, the retention period for this data can be long, According to the laws. Besides this, Kuwait Casino keeps personal data, In order to enhance safety rates and improve service delivery.

Portability of Personal Data:

Kuwait Online Casino transfers and stores the personal data and information of Kuwaiti players. On computers located in different places, This is because data protection laws can be different from the country in which you reside. Therefore, the agreement of Kuwaiti players to the terms of the privacy policy of Kuwait Casino, It is considered implied consent to send and store the data transmitted to them.

However, do not worry about the security of personal data, Kuwait Casino will operate with the highest standards of safety, To provide the highest levels of safety for this data, Subject to the terms of its privacy policy, Which disclaims that this data is not traded with any third party or other party, A periodic check will be conducted to confirm the integrity and privacy of Kuwaiti players’ data.

The most important reasons for transferring the data of Kuwait Casino online customers

Kuwait Online Casino has the right to transfer the data of Kuwaiti players. Especially if it is necessary for several reasons, including:

  1. prevent any crime related to the Service, and investigate them if they occur.
  2. Compliance with legal regulations
  3. Defending and protecting the property and rights of Kuwait Online Casino
  4. Protect the casino from legal liability
  5. Protect the personal security of each casino client.

Information Security at Kuwait Online Casino

Kuwait Casino puts information security at the top of its minds. As important for every Kuwaiti player, Also important to him. In order for the casino to take all security measures to ensure the safety of each player’s information. While acknowledging the possibility of an accidental error during the process of storing or transmitting information, That’s why we can’t guarantee a full 100% safety rate.

Kuwait Casino complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), By providing the protection and security of your personal information. Players residing within the European Economic Area (EEA), There are regulations that give you the right to protect their information further, Kuwait Casino is also committed to this, If you are a resident of this area you are allowed to modify personal information, or limit their use, Or even modify or remove them.

You can contact Kuwait Online Casino, To find out what personal data has been collected about you, which you want to delete from their records.

At Kuwait Casino, Kuwaiti players have greater rights in the data protection process. But in certain circumstances, These rights include:

  1. Right of removal: The right to access the data collected about you at Kuwait Casino, and the ability to update or remove them via the settings section of your account, If the player is unable to do so, He can contact the casino operators and they will provide him with appropriate support.
  2. Right of rectification: You have the right to correct any data collected at Kuwait Casino about you. Whether it is incomplete or inaccurate information.
  3. Right to object: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information
  4. Right of restriction: You have the right to request that the processing of your personal information be restricted
  5. Right of portability: You have the right to a detailed copy of the information in the possession of the casino, In coordination with them, You will be able to read the copy on your computer, This is commonly used
  6. Right to withdraw your consent: At any time you wish to withdraw your prior consent for the collection of your personal information by the Casino, You can, But in this case, Kuwait Casino has the right to request verification of your identity before executing your request.
  7. Right to complain: If the way in which Kuwait Casino collects and uses your personal data, You don’t like it, You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority. If you need more information, You can contact the specialized data protection authority of the country where you reside, Within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Service Providers

Kuwait Online Casino may use certain companies or individuals, Third parties, To facilitate the provision of the service to Kuwaiti players, They may also be used to facilitate the provision of the Service, Or even provide the service on behalf of Kuwait Online Casino.

Despite this, These external assistants will not be able, in accessing the data of Kuwaiti players, the time they provide assistance, They operate in accordance with data protection laws, And not to transfer it in any way.

Analysis: Kuwait Casino can resort to third parties, To monitor and analyze the way the casino is used by the players.

Google Analytics:

Google offers a web analytics service, In order to monitor and report web traffic. During this, Google uses the information that Kuwait Casino has collected about Kuwaiti players and monitors them as well. This information is shared on other Google services. Google may also use this information to configure and personalize its own ads.

The Kuwaiti player can be excluded from this Google Analysis service, By installing the Google Analytics extension on its own browser, This will prevent the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js analytics.js and dc.js) extension from sharing the information that Google Analytics has.

We recommend that you read the privacy terms carefully, to know more about Google’s privacy practices,  You can do this by using this link: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=ar

Privacy Policy at Other External Sites at Kuwait Online Casino

While getting the service at Kuwait Casino, Links to other sites that do not run can appear, If you click on one of these links You will be redirected to their websites. Here we recommend that you review the terms of their privacy policy, Kuwait Casino is not responsible for their privacy policy. It has no control over the content they provide.

Children’s privacy at Kuwait Online Casino:

The service provided by Kuwait Casino is not intended for children, It is intended for those over the age of 18. Therefore, he does not collect any identifying data about anyone under the age of 18 yet. If this happens it will be unintentional, If you are one of the parents of someone who has entered our personal data, or even a legal guardian, And you know that he did this, Please let us know.

Kuwait Casino will be very firm, If it is discovered that the collection of identifying data on any person of age is not past the legal age, without the permission of a parent, It will take the necessary steps to remove this information from its entire servers.

Changes to Kuwait Online Casino’s Privacy Policy

Kuwait Casino can update the terms of their privacy policy. This happens periodically, The casino will then inform the Kuwaiti players of these changes. By posting updated privacy policies on their page.

Kuwait Online Casino will inform all its Kuwaiti customers, with all changes that will be made to the Terms of Service, via email, Before these changes are actually implemented, The casino will also update the date of entry into force. At the forefront of Hodeidah’s privacy policy.

Finally,  you should know that reading the terms of the privacy policy when playing at Kuwait Casino is very important. For your security and the security of your information, That’s why we recommend our Kuwaiti customers to read our privacy policy at Kuwait Casino. periodically, to see any modifications made to their privacy policy.