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Table 31 Online in Kuwait is one of the most popular table games in the Arab world offered by
Kuwait Online Casino

Best 31 Table Online Casinos in Kuwait.

In this article, we give you everything you need to know about this game, its most important rules, and how you can make a profit in it.

What is Table 31 Online in Kuwait?

Table 31 online game in Kuwait is one of the most popular table games offered on a group of the largest casino sites in the world such as

Table 31 Online Bonuses in Kuwait via Online Casino Sites

Online casino sites that allow their players to play Table 31 online in Kuwait – or as some like to call it Pak Jamun – offer a wide range of welcome bonuses with the aim of attracting players to register and sign up at popular casino sites such as 888 Casino Kuwait.

Below, We will offer you the best rewards you can get when you register and subscribe to play backgammon online:

  • No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are one of the most popular welcome bonuses that 31 table players are looking for online for free. Casinos offer such bonuses to encourage players to register and get an account with popular casino sites such as YYY Kuwait Casino.

No deposit bonuses are the simplest type of bonus. It is a bonus offered by the casino to its players for the purpose of urging them to try casino games on the one hand, On the other hand experience all walks of the casino as well.

These bonuses come in two categories, The first category is the cash reward. In the cash bonus, the casino gives the player a limited amount of money – usually simple – $20, for example, The player can use it to try some games like Table 31 online game for free.

The second category is that the casino site gives the player some free spins in order to try one or more games across the site.

The player receives a no deposit bonus when he registers for an account through the Kuwait Casino website or any other casino of the player’s choice. The site then sends a notification to the player that he can receive such a bonus. The player reads the terms and conditions – which is very important – and then agrees to accept this bonus. They are then deposited into their account and the player can use them in play and possibly even make some profits.

It is worth noting, The non-deposit bonus that a player receives when he registers to play Table 31 online in Kuwait or any other casino games comes with a set of terms and conditions that the player must fulfill before he can withdraw those coins, Or even withdraw any winnings made by the player using these coins.

  • Welcome Deposit Bonus

The welcome deposit bonus is the most popular type of bonus offered by online casino sites in general. This bonus is the main attraction for players wishing to try casino games such as Table 31 online in Kuwait.

The formula for this bonus usually comes in parallel with a percentage of the player’s deposit value. For example, Online casino sites usually post that they offer bonuses amounting to 100% of the value of the player’s deposit amount. This means that the player will receive exactly the equivalent of his deposit! If the player deposits 100 USD, You will receive a bonus of an additional $100.

However, It should be noted that casino sites generally set a maximum limit on the bonus they can give to players. As mentioned above, the reward comes at a percentage, But it has a limit. Example: Welcome bonus of 200% up to a maximum of USD 150. This means that the maximum amount that a player can receive when signing up and depositing at this casino is $150. Regardless of the amount amount he will deposit. In this particular example, The player can get 150 USD if he only deposits 75 USD.

Welcome deposit bonuses vary from casino to casino. Betobet Casino, for example, offers a different bonus than other popular sites like 888. These bonuses usually range from 100% of the deposit amount to 300% of the deposit value as well. But as mentioned, what is more important than the bonus percentage is the maximum you can get.

And now Perhaps the important question is how to get that welcome bonus and use it to play backgammon online?

The welcome bonus is received after registering and obtaining an account. The site then offers you to deposit and take advantage of the welcome bonus. Registering on casino sites is usually easy and simple. It only requires name, email address, and some basic data such as date of birth and country of residence. Later The player adds a payment method – and there are payment methods that Kuwaiti players should avoid such as bank transfers or credit cards to avoid falling under legal accountability – such as e-wallets PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc. such as digital currencies.

After adding the chosen payment method, The player deposits the amount he wishes to use and try the casino games with it. Then He receives a message from the casino informing him that he is entitled to receive the deposit bonus. But the casino first asks the player to read and agree to what is known as the bonus terms and conditions so that the casino allows him to receive that bonus.

Here, it is worth noting the need to read these terms and conditions before agreeing to them, Whereas, if the player does not succeed in meeting these conditions, He will not be able to withdraw the bonus amount or any profits he has earned using that amount in the online 31 table game in Kuwait.

One of the most important of these terms and conditions is usually the need for the player to deposit an amount equivalent to 40 or 50 times the value of the bonus and to bet this full amount before he can withdraw the bonus amount or any winnings he has made using this amount.

This means that if the player receives a welcome deposit bonus of 100 USD, He will have to deposit and bet $4,000 or $5,000 before he can withdraw the bonus amount or any winnings he has earned using the bonus amount! More importantly, The casino usually asks the player to bet this amount within just one week from the date of receiving the bonus.

Some may wonder what would happen if they accepted the bonus amount. And their inability to meet the terms and conditions of the bonuses later? In this case, the casino site forfeits the bonus, and any winnings earned by the player using the money of that bonus.

  • Weekly & Monthly Bonuses

Once the player has an account, deposited his money and started playing, He will find that casino sites hold a range of weekly and monthly competitions that the player can participate in.

Casino sites hold a variety of competitions for various games as well. The player may not find weekly or monthly competitions in the online game of table 31 in Kuwait, But there are, of course, a wide range of other games that come within these competitions, such as slots, for example.

Slots games are one of the most popular casino games that can be learned easily and simply, It is characterized by the fact that its bets can be very simple, And its profits on the other side can be significant. Different casinos hold weekly and monthly competitions in a large variety of slot games, It allows the first 50 or 100 runners to win, for example.

The first three receive a larger slice of the bonus amount, Followed by the contestants from fourth to tenth place, After the tenth, the competition continues to gradually decrease to its minimum limit when the 100th winner contestant. Weekly and monthly contests are a unique way for casino sites to get players involved and increase the amount of competition among them.

Of course, these bonuses also have a set of terms and conditions that must be met to receive the bonus amount. Some of the terms and conditions that you may find in this type of contest is to restrict the use of the bonus amount to a specific slot game for example. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them.

  • VIP Club Rewards

The VIP club of different casino sites qualifies its members for special treatment, therefore, Get a range of benefits and rewards that traditional players may not get.

There are two main ways to sign up for the VIP Club and the first is to deposit up to $5k in cash. Of course, this amount may vary from one casino to another, so, It is always advisable to contact the management of the casino you wish to try Pac Jamun on to find out the minimum deposit that qualifies you to participate in the VIP Club.

And the second method is to pay tribute to the loyal players of the casino site. This method adopts the granting of

The player spends one or more pips with every US dollar spent betting on the online casino site. As the number of points increases, A player’s status rises to the extent that qualifies him to join the VIP club.

But what can VIP Club membership offer players?

VIP Club membership offers an exclusive set of benefits for players, the most important of which are:

  1. More welcome bonuses: VIP Club members get the chance to receive a new welcome bonus with every deposit they make. Some casinos this time offer the first four deposits.
  2. Personal Account Manager: One of the best features offered by free 31 table casino sites for VIP Club members is the possibility of obtaining a personal manager for their account. Personal Manager helps players introduce them to the best tools that can be used across the site to achieve the best results.
  3. Faster deposit and withdrawal: One of the most important things that players are interested in in casino sites is the time it takes to complete withdrawals and deposits.Of course, this period depends on the payment or withdrawal method used, but at the same time the casino can speed up the process a bit, and this is what casino sites do with their players affiliated with the VIP club. VIP withdrawals may not take more than one business day!
  4. Physical and in-kind gifts: One of the most important advantages that VIP Club members get is the gifts they receive on some famous public occasions such as New Year’s Eve and some special occasions such as their personal birthdays. The reward may be in-kind, such as tickets to some international concerts, or physical, such as free slot tournaments through the site itself.
  5. Recovery of part of the losses: This is the most powerful feature that is obtained exclusively by large customers through Ma’idah online sites. Casino sites allow players to recover a percentage of their losses incurred – usually 8-10% – while betting through the site.

Play Table 31 Online in Kuwait now!

The most popular gambling games in Kuwait Casino

There is a large collection of interesting and fun casino games next to Table 31 Online in Kuwait that players can try. The available casino games are generally divided into three main sections, the first of which is:

  • Board Games 

Table games are the most popular category among casino games, It is the mainstay of casino games. Most board games were developed in the 18th century or even earlier on the European continent. These games later moved to the United States, where a large collection of copies were developed and presented in a new guise. Here is a list of the most popular of those fun games:

  1. Poker

Poker was mainly developed on the European continent around the 17th century. The game then moved to the United States of America and a large collection of versions of this game was developed.  Currently, Poker is one of the most popular card games available to players across various casino sites such as Perfect Money Casino in Kuwait.

Poker is one of the games that depends in some way on skill, And not like other casino games that rely exclusively on luck. This has certainly added exceptional excitement and high competition to this game. Poker is a team game in which between 2 and 8 players can participate.

The idea of poker is very simple, The game is based mainly on the formation of a group of powerful groups according to a known and specific schedule that all players memorize. The dealer deals 5 cards to each player after the start of the first round, Each player can change 3 cards per round, The game has 3 rounds, after which players must reveal their decks of cards to determine the winning player.

Two groups can of course be equal in strength, In this case, the entire amount of bets is divided between the players with the best two groups. It is worth noting, The substitution of cards and the move to the next round depends mainly on a collective agreement between the players, If someone thinks they want to increase the bet, Others will either have to keep up with the bet, Or increase it.

  1. Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular online gambling. The origins of the game go back to the European continent, But it moved to the United States and its versions diversified and became one of the most widespread betting games around the world. The three most popular versions of roulette are the American roulette, European roulette and French roulette.

The goal of roulette is very simple and that is for players to anticipate the hole on which the ball will eventually rest. The roulette wheel is divided into 37 holes, These are the numbers from 0 to 36. To add to the excitement, These numbers do not come in the traditional ascending order on the roulette wheel!

At the beginning of the round, the dealer asks the players about their expectations, Players put their money on the numbers they expect the roulette wheel to stand on, The dealer turns the roulette wheel and then sends the ball in the opposite direction to its rotation. The wheel and the ball continue to rotate until the wheel slows down and the ball begins to hit the edges of the hole, Until you eventually settle on a hole. If the number of the hole at which the ball stopped corresponds to the player’s bet, the player automatically wins and vice versa.

Online roulette in Kuwait

is one of the best casino games in terms of the amount of profit, The winner of this game gets winnings that can be up to 35 times the value of their base bet! If the player bets $100 and his prediction is correct, It can earn an estimated profit of 3500 USD!

But it is worth noting that as profits rise, the odds of profit decrease and the risk rises. Therefore, Professional roulette players prefer to place their bets on what is known as outside bets, It is to bet on a large number of numbers at the same time (even or odd numbers, for example), which raises the odds of profit to reach approximately 47%,  However, the profit value in this case drops to 1:1. However, This bet is the bet that gives players the best chances of winning.

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack has several names such as 21 or 31. It is one of the most popular online casino games in the Arab world. Perhaps the reason is mainly because it is easy to learn and play.

To win the blackjack game, The player must receive:

  • Total 21 papers: In this case, the player automatically wins, Unless the distributor also receives 21, the prize will be divided.
  • Total papers less than 21 but more than the distributor.

While the player loses if his total cards automatically exceed 21. The dealer gives each player two unexposed cards, As a representative of the casino, he deals two cards, one of which is exposed. Players examine the two cards and decide whether to order more cards or settle for their total. At the end of the tour, Everyone reveals their papers, The owners win 21, If none of them have this number, The owners of the nearest combination to this figure win.

  • Slots Games

Slots games or what is known as slot machines are machines of chance, The player places a coin in the place designated for it and then pulls the arm. As soon as the arm is lifted, The images inside the machine begin to move until they stabilize, According to the situation shown when the images are stabilized, the players’ winnings are determined.

There are several versions of slots including three-wheeled slots and five-wheeled slots. There are so-called jackpot slots and these games can very rarely give big profits to some players.

  • Games with live dealer

This category of games has been specially provided for fans of traditional casinos. The main idea in this category is for players to interact with a real dealer who takes betting orders from them and conducts the game in front of their eyes directly with video technology.

Most of the games offered in this category of course are traditional games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Sometimes, Some casino sites limit this category to members of the VIP club.

Tips for winning at the table 31 

Whether you are playing Table 31 online in Kuwait at 888 Casino or any other casino sites, You should know that the profit in this game is simple once you familiarize yourself with the main rules. We have detailed the rules below.

permission What strategy can be used to achieve the best results in online backgammon:

  1. 6-digit strategy, It is where both players try to occupy or occupy 6 consecutive boxes, To ensure that the opposing player is prevented from passing the scrapers to the other side. After forming these 6 digits, The player tries to move all his skimmers to the opponent’s land before he releases those fields.
  2. One of the tips that you can also use in case you cannot or are not lucky in the numbers you got to form 6 consecutive digits, You can try to position your skimmers box and box, To ensure that your opponent does not succeed in forming 6 consecutive digits. 

Free 31 table with real money

 Playing any online game can come in two different forms, which are playing for real money, Or try this game for free. Following We will summarize for you the most prominent advantages of playing for free in addition to the advantages of playing for real money:

Play for freeReal Money Play
Ideal for beginnersPlaying with real money is fun and exciting
A unique opportunity to learn about the rules of the game A good opportunity to get to know other players
Allows you to recognize the platform A potential opportunity to earn cash
Avoids potential losses of bets Fits professionals
Difficult to level up with free play Exposes you to betting losses
Free play misses excitement It may drive you addicted to gambling

Top 3 Real Money Online Table Game Sites

 Rules of Table 31 in Kuwait

The rules of the game of Table 31 Online in Kuwait are very simple, We will simplify and explain them in the following points:

  1. The game starts with each player receiving 15 skimmings. One of the players gets white skimmers, The other gets black skimmers.
  2. One of the players puts his skimmers on the first column from the right, The other player on the opposite side puts his skimmers on the first column on the left.
  3. To select the player who starts, Some sites allow players to roll the dice once, Then the player with the largest number on the face of the dice begins playing. But there are other sites that allow the player with the white skimmers to start playing directly.
  4. Backgammon players use online dice to play. Thrown by the player with the highest number in the opening round, According to the number he obtains, he moves his scrapers in turn.
  5. The main goal of each copy of the online backgammon game is to succeed in transferring all the scrapers from the primary side, On the opposite player’s side.
  6. Table 31 online game in Kuwait is no different from other versions, But start with one basic rule, Which is that no other skimmers are moved to any player until after one comb of each color reaches the opposite side. This means that at the beginning of the game, the player with the white skimmers will try to quickly move one skimmer to the other side of the table before they can move any other skimmers.
  7. The online game Table 31 in Kuwait does not have any rules for expelling the skimming – as is usually the case in backgammon – and it does not have any rules for holding the skimming – as is the case in the locked backgammon game – but the skimming reserves the box, That is, you cannot stand with white on black and vice versa. Also, one belt is enough to reserve the box, It doesn’t take skimmers as is usually the case in backgammon.
  8. After the two players are able to enter the first skimming into the opponent’s ground, The two players begin to move the rest of the skimmers in the same direction, Trying to move them completely to the other side until the process of collecting the skimmers begins.
  9. Once all the skimmers arrive on the other side of the table, The player starts collecting scrapes according to the numbers shown on the dice as well.
  10. The player who can collect all his skimmers before the other player wins.

Betting options in an online table game

 Various casino sites such as
Match Better Casino in Kuwait
offer some diverse options for bets on an online table game, These options are usually limited to:

  1. Round bet: In this bet, the player bets on the entire round, meaning that the winner can win the loser’s bet in full. If the two players bet $10, or the player wager against the program $10 and win, they can get $20 in total.
  2. Points BetAlthough Table 31 Online in Kuwait is usually limited to playing the first bet in traditional houses or even colloquial cafes, the development of the game as standalone software has shown a new method in the course of the game, which is the calculation of points. In this method, each scrap that the losing player did not succeed in collecting is calculated according to his standing field.

For example, If a player loses and has two skies, One on digit 6 and the other on digit 3, This will mean that the player’s total loss is 9 points.

As we have indicated, this method of calculation has evolved with the development of the table as a program. But the traditional method stipulates that the player wins the round either by one point, which is the case in which the opponent can start collecting his skimmers with a minimum of one skimming, Or the player wins the match by two points, which is the case where the opponent is unable to collect any skimmers while the winning player succeeds in collecting all his skimmers.

It is worth noting that each of these betting methods can involve one player doubling the bet in the middle of a round. And doubling bets in Table 31 Online in Kuwait is usually mandatory, That is, if one player offers to double the bet and the other player refuses, He has to withdraw from the tour!

How to Choose a Safe Casino to bet on an online table

There is a large selection of premium casino sites such as
888 Kuwait Casino
or other sites. But in general you should know how to choose the right casino to play Table 31 online in Kuwait. You should consider the following when choosing the perfect casino:

  1. Necessary licenses and accreditations

Maybe some players don’t know this, However, online casino sites or even sports betting sites generally have to obtain a license to provide such services.

There are several commissions around the world that offer such types of licenses. In the European Union there are the Cyprus Securities and Betting Commissions, London Bookmakers and Securities which provide licenses to betting sites in general, And casinos in particular.

The necessity for premium casino sites such as

to obtain such licenses is that they are proof that those sites meet the requirements of regulatory and legal bodies, This ensures a fair gaming experience whose results are difficult to manipulate in any way.

  1. Available Games Package

The available game package is one of the most important things to review when evaluating the 31 Table Online Casino sites in Kuwait. It is normal for board game lovers to check other betting games available through the sites, Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you have a special package of these games.

But how do you assess whether or not there is a premium package? Betting games are divided into three main sections, The first of these is traditional table games and this category includes a group of famous games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

The second category of these games is what are known as slot machines, They are traditional betting machines in which the player puts a coin and then tightens the arm, The machine spins and later settles on a set of shapes that determine how much the player won.

Finally, Live Games category and this category is suitable for traditional betting lovers, And who want to place their bets and give betting orders to the dealer directly. Of course, this category is used by most online casino sites such as
Perfect Money Casino in Kuwait
to offer traditional games or what is known as table games.

  1. Means of withdrawal and deposit

This is one of the most important things that Kuwaiti players should pay attention to before registering and obtaining an account at online casino sites. As our readers know, betting on casino games in Kuwait is forbidden, which means that the concerned authorities may try to snoop on those wishing to bet.

Common withdrawal and deposit methods are one of the most prominent tools that can be used to track player activity. Therefore, Traditional withdrawal methods such as bank transfers or even debit and credit cards that show a history of cash transfers may not be wise choices to use when betting online.

On the other hand, There are a range of ways that guarantee some security for those wishing to bet on Table 31 online in Kuwait and are digital wallets and cryptocurrencies. In the case of digital wallets, The movement of deposits and withdrawals appears as if they were destined for the digital wallet itself without revealing the entity to which the transfer will be made after this step.  

Cryptocurrencies  offer safer standards. It hides the identity of the sender and the recipient entirely. No one can detect both ends of the process. But on the flip side, Digital currencies have their disadvantages, of course, due to the extreme volatility in value witnessed during the past year, which contributed to the loss of all digital currencies a great deal of their value, Let’s take the example of bitcoin, which has lost two-thirds of its value.

But in general, It is necessary to ensure that there are means of withdrawal and deposit other than traditional ones.

  1. Customer Service & Support

Customer support is one of the most important things to review to ensure that you get the necessary support when you need it. Most of the 31 Table websites in Kuwait do not provide support services in Arabic, However, What matters here is the quality of the service provided, even if it is in English.

Make sure there are quick customer service contacts to ensure you get support quickly in case you need it.

  1. Customer Reviews 

One of the most important factors you should base on when choosing an online casino site is customer reviews of it. Diverse customer feedback means they’ve tested all sections of the site and can provide a fairly complete picture of the site’s performance.

However, Be careful in general when reading comments, Some try to put some exaggerated negative or even positive opinions without being accurate.

Table 31 online game in Kuwait on mobile

 Table 31 online game in Kuwait mainly comes on mobile, On most casino or betting sites, the game will be available via mobile even if the traditional version is available.

Online backgammon game for iPhone

There are several versions of the 31 table game available online for free on the iPhone App Store, But others are not free and you will have to purchase the copy to download them.

You also always have the option to choose your favorite site, which offers an online backgammon game, and these sites usually either customize the site to work well on mobile, Or provide standalone mobile apps.

Online table game for Android

There is a large collection of free online table game versions 31, especially for Android devices, Since it is the most widespread in the Arab region and among the Arab peoples.

There are also some sites that allow their apps to be downloaded to play Table 31 online in Kuwait outside of app stores. Just make sure these sites are safe and reliable and you can then use their available apps.

Want to play now? Here is the best online table site

Frequently Asked Questions on Table 31 online game in Kuwait

How do I arrange skimmers to start playing?

It largely depends on the version of the online table you play. The traditional regular table version has a different order, for example, to the locked table version.
But if you are inquiring about Table 31 version online in Kuwait, Players will place all skimmers at the first box, Then they roll the dice and stir one scraper until they reach the other side, Then they start moving the rest of the skims in turn.

Which players start playing first?

Table locations usually make an initial round before playing, In which the two players roll the dice, Then the player with a larger number starts on the face of the dice.

How to win in backgammon?

All versions of the backgammon game are won by the player who can shift the skimmers to the other side, and collect it completely before the other player

What happens if I roll the dice and I get the numbers (2,2)?

This is a special case at the table, We mean two equal numbers. In this case, The player moves one or several skimmers in two boxes * 4 times. As if repeating the number shown to him. This rule is fixed in all versions of the online backgammon game.

Backgammon Online Terminology

The backgammon game has Persian origins, so, You’ll find that the large set of terms used in this game is mainly Persian. Below, We summarize for you a set of the most important of those terms:

Like: K is the number “1”.

De: du represents the number “2”.

SH: SSH is the number “3”.

Jahar: Jahar is the number “4”.

Bish: Bish is number “5”.

Shish: Shish is number “6”.

Habbiac: The player says that he got a habiac if he gets the numbers “1,1” on the dice.

Dubara: The player gets Dobara if he gets the numbers “2,2”.

Dossa: Dosa is the word a player gives to the dice when they get “3,3”.

Darji: Darji is the player’s acquisition of the numbers “4,4”.

Dabash: Rubble is the player’s acquisition of two numbers “5,5”.

Shower: Shower is the player’s acquisition of two numeric “6,6”. 

The end

Table 31 online game in Kuwait is one of the most famous board games that is very famous not only in Kuwait, But in all countries of the Arab world. It’s fun and easy to learn.

If you don’t have any experience with the game, You can try the game Table 31 online for free, Then you can enjoy it or bet on it if you want after knowing all its rules.

Enjoy a table game of 31 and compete with the pros!