Rabona Casino Kuwait


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Rabona Casino Kuwait

  • Website rabona.com
  • Established 2019
  • License Curacao
  • Min Deposit $10
  • Max Deposit rabona.com $
مزايا الكازينو
  • 24/7 live chat support with auto-translate
  • Extensive selection of loyalty bonuses
  • Dedicated match deposit bonus for all players
عيوب الكازينو
  • Withdrawals can take up to 3 days
  • Only Curacao e-Gaming license

  • Gaming experience on mobile and PC
  • License and security
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Money transfers and registration
  • Localization and customer service
  • Game selection
Overall Rating 9/ 10

They say join rabona casino Kuwait and get bonuses up to €500 directly!

They say that it is one of the best Kuwait online casino sites available for Kuwaiti players.

They say that the site provides strong sports betting on the strongest competitive global leagues, Besides providing betting on casino games!

Is this real? We registered, got an account, tested the site for you, and in our Rabona casino review, we bring you everything you need to know about depositing and trying the site. So let’s go. 

Is Rabona Kuwait Casino a good choice for Kuwaiti players?

Rabona Casino for Kuwait is one of the casino sites that pays special attention to design and elegance of appearance, In addition to providing an Arabic version of the site, Which most Kuwaiti players find it easier for them to experience playing in general. 

Rabona Casino, like
888 Kuwait Casino
, allows deposits using cryptocurrencies. This is an option that some Kuwaitis consider appropriate, especially in light of the fact that online betting is not licensed in the State of Kuwait.

However, The ratings obtained by the Rabona casino website through the approved rating sites, You are advised to exercise caution when using the services of that website; Since there are a large number of complaints about delays in the withdrawal of receivables on the one hand, On the other hand, the non-fulfillment of the winnings recorded by the players, We will explain this in detail in the next sections.

Welcome bonuses at online casino sites

 Welcome bonuses are one of the most prominent means used by online casino sites in general to attract new or even existing players.

The main goal of the welcome bonuses offered by casino sites is to encourage players to open accounts. A large selection of bonuses, Below we will try to summarize them for you in order to know the differences between them and which one is best for you.

  1. No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the first attraction used by casino sites. And the idea, that the player will not be required to deposit any amounts, He will receive a cash reward only for opening an account via a sports betting site or casino site.

The bonuses that players receive without a deposit are usually symbolic, A few US dollars. But to get it, The player will have to register and create an account with the casino in order to use those dollars.

 It is worth noting, that no deposit bonuses can not be withdrawn by the player, He also cannot withdraw any profits he has been able to make using those rewards as well.

This brings us to the second type of reward, Welcome deposit bonuses.

  1. Welcome Deposit Bonuses

Welcome deposit bonuses are most popular among all the bonuses available to players of Rabona Kuwait casino sites. And the secret, is that the value of those rewards is usually high and significant. This applies to all sites such as YYY Kuwait Casino for example.

The important question now, What are Welcome Deposit Bonuses? They are bonuses offered by casino sites in general to players for depositing into their account on the site. That is, the casino tells the player if you decide to deposit with us we will reward this by placing a deposit equivalent to your deposit, Or even maybe bigger than your deposit!

You will find that all casino sites do the same as Rabona Casino, It tells you that it will give you 100%, 150% or even 200% of your deposit! If you deposited $100 and the percentage offered at the casino is 100%, You’ll get another $100 credited to your account!

Some may be a little surprised that the Kuwait Rabona casino site and other sites may give players such winnings for free! But, in our reviews in general, and our Rabona casino review we make sure to reflect the whole picture to you.

Initially There is what is known as the maximum bonus. This means that most of these sites limit the percentages they offer to some extent, For example Sites offer a 200% welcome bonus up to a maximum of $150 USD.  This means that the most amount a player can receive is 150 USD regardless of the value of their deposits.

As a matter of fact These gifts or rewards do not come for free, It comes with a set of terms and conditions that must be met to eventually receive that reward.

The terms and conditions that come with these bonuses vary from casino to casino. And even from bonus to bonus via the same casino. Therefore, It is always recommended that you read the terms and conditions before accepting rewards.

The most prominent general conditions that are repeated in most casino sites such as
and other sites, Is that the player must deposit 40 or 50 times the value of the bonus he receives! This means that the player will have to deposit 5000 USD, for example, if they receive a bonus of 100 USD.

There are other conditions that the player must meet as well, Such as using this amount in full in betting, whether it is sports betting or even casino game betting, until it meets what is known as wagering requirements in full. Different casino sites usually require this requirement to be met within a short period of time. It ranges from one week to a month at most from the date the player receives that bonus.

Finally, What happens if players can’t meet those requirements? Sports betting sites or casino sites generally withdraw the bonus value from the player’s account, With the withdrawal of the value of any winnings the player was able to achieve using the amount of this bonus.

 Therefore, We always recommend that our players make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting any bonuses, To ensure that they are able to meet those terms and conditions.

 Rabona Kuwait Welcome Casino Bonuses

In our Rabona casino review, we now show you all the welcome bonuses you can get when you download Rabona.

Deposit Bonus for Sports Betting

Rabuna Casino Kuwait offers its players a deposit bonus of 100% of the players’ deposit value. This means that the player who will deposit 100 USD will receive 100 USD equivalent to his personal account, While rabona casino Kuwait raises that percentage to 200% for players from the following countries (Finland, and Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Austria) up to a maximum of €200.

There are some countries where players get a lower limit such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The generally minimum deposit that a player can qualify for this bonus in any country is €20 or its equivalent in other currencies.

But as we mentioned to you earlier, This bonus comes with a set of terms and conditions that must be met through the Rabona casino website to get the bonus, The most important of these conditions:

  • Play with the full deposited amount or use it to bet on bets with no more than 1.50% odds.
  • After fulfilling that condition, The player communicates with the site via an email service or via live chat.
  • This offer is available for new players only. Old players who have deposited any amounts into their accounts via Rabona Kuwait Casino are not entitled to claim such a bonus.
  • Deposits made using Skrill or Neteller do not qualify players for such bonuses.
  • If the player requests to withdraw his available cash in his account or part thereof before receiving that bonus, He is not entitled to claim this remuneration.
  • Kuwaiti players must deposit the equivalent of their original deposit in addition to the bonus amount they received 6 times as a first step. This means that if a player deposits €100 and receives €100 as a deposit bonus, He will have to deposit another €1,200 into his account balance, And use it in individual bets with odds of winning at least 2.0, Or multiple bets with odds of at least 1.5!
  • The wagering requirements or bets that players must make exclude casino bets, live rabona and a host of other games as well.

Players can read the full terms and conditions available for this bonus to assess the situation for themselves.

General Deposit Bonus

Rabona Kuwait Casino offers a huge bonus to players wishing to deposit and try games through the site. This bonus is 100% of the players’ deposit value, But the maximum limit offered by the casino this time is up to 500 euros plus 200 free spins for slot games!

There are a set of terms and conditions to be observed to get this bonus from the Rabona casino website, which are:

  • The player must have created a Rabona account and deposited real money.
  • The minimum deposit to be eligible for this bonus is €20.
  • The player gets 200 free spins of slots divided over 10 days, 20 courses per day.
  • The player will not be granted these spins automatically, He must claim it or it will not be credited to the account.
  • The site automatically grants this bonus to players after they complete the deposit process. If the deposit is not made directly, Players can communicate with the site administration via support@ rabona.com support mail
  • The site stipulates that the player cannot receive that bonus if he has made any bets through the site.
  • The withdrawal request invalidates the possibility of the player receiving such a bonus.
  • Full deposits via Skrill and Neteller do not qualify the player for that bonus.
  • The wagering requirements that the player must meet are to deposit an amount equivalent to 35 times the value of his deposit, plus the value of the reward. For example, If the player deposited 100 USD and received 100 USD as a free gift, This means that the player must deposit (200 * 35) (7000 USD) and bet it completely through the site.
  • The wagering requirements must be met within 10 days only from the date the player receives the bonus. If the player fails to meet these requirements within 10 days, The value of the bonus and any winnings the player was able to make are deducted using the bonus amount.
  • This bonus cannot be combined with a sports betting bonus or any other bonuses available via the Site.

How to get Rabona Welcome Bonuses?

 Rabona Explanation is a step-by-step explanation that allows you to understand all the requirements for receiving welcome rewards. The steps to follow to get rabona casino bonuses are:

  1. Create a Rabona account and we will explain how in detail in the section dedicated to this below.
  2. Login rabona.
  3. deposit, Here, you will have to deposit according to the minimum requirement for each of these bonuses.
  4. Some bonuses require betting the full amount of the deposit before you can receive the bonus (such as sports bonuses) and others are automatically monitored in your account.
  5. The important thing before you accept any reward, It is your assurance that you read the terms and conditions to ensure that you are able to meet all the terms and conditions accompanying the bonus and that they will not be deducted from you, She and any profits you made using the bonus amount.

 Loyalty programs through Rabona Casino for Kuwait

 Rabona Kuwait Casino offers a unique loyalty program, It mainly depends on the sports betting that players can make.

You can use the loyalty points of the Kuwait Rabona casino website to purchase player group cards.

Player cards are cards on which players appear, And next to each player his own abilities and the price of the card. 

Getting loyalty points through the Rabona casino website is easy and simple, All you have to do is participate in a set of weekly challenges and wait until the end of the challenge.

It is noteworthy that each unit of currency you bet will be offset by one pip. For example, If you use one euro to bet on the event specified by the site, You’ll get one point as well.

As mentioned, These points can later be redeemed for player cards that can be obtained for their equivalent points. Each card has a different price than the other cards.  

 VIP Club in Rabona Kuwait Online

 The explanation of rabona should give you everything you need to know about this site. The VIP Club is an important section of any site because it offers a range of rewards and benefits to players.

Rabona Kuwait Online divides the VIP Club levels into 5 main levels, They are as follows:

  1. The first level in the VIP Club

The site considers first-level players beginners, However, It allows them to withdraw up to €7,000 per month.

On the other hand, The site does not provide first-level players with a personal account manager or the possibility of recovering any betting amounts.

  1. The second level in the VIP Club

At this level, The site considers that players have become amateurs, therefore, Increases the maximum monthly withdrawal limit to €10,000.

However, The site does not provide second-level players with personal account managers or the possibility of recovering any part of the betting amounts.

  1. Third level in the VIP Club

Reaching the third level means that the player has become a bit pro, so, The site raises the monthly withdrawal limits to up to 12,000 euros.

The site also offers the player 5% cash refund from his deposits while the site does not provide him with a personal account manager.

  1. Level Four in the VIP Club

Reaching this level means becoming a very experienced player, so Rabona raises withdrawal limits to up to €15,000 per month. It also allows the player to recover 10% of the value of his deposits and provides him with a personal account manager.

  1. Fifth level in the VIP Club

At this level, The site raises the maximum player withdrawals to 20,000 euros per month, It also raises the value of the redeemable percentage of bets to reach 15% with the appointment of a personal manager for the player’s account. 

Tips Before Accepting Online Casino Bonuses

 We try as much as possible in our Rabona casino review to provide you with correct and valuable information. Therefore, One of the most important tips we always give to those wishing to accept bonuses through rabona casino Kuwait is to read the terms and conditions very carefully.

The terms and conditions of rewards usually include some somewhat strict requirements, therefore, Whether or not such claims can be met is entirely up to the player.

We have tried to summarize some of the terms and conditions for you in the explanation of Rabona, However, reading the terms and conditions in full through the site is a key requirement before accepting these bonuses.

At last With the negative reviews that Rabona Casino has received via other rating sites, We believe it is safe to try the site for free at first. And if you want to try some of his games, Deposit a small amount of money to try out the games, test withdrawals, and make sure they take place normally as well.

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اربح الان
Rabona Casino Kuwait

Why do Kuwaitis try rabona Kuwait?

 There are a number of features that attract Kuwaiti players to experience Rabuna Kuwait Casino, including, as we mentioned earlier, the distinctive and modern design, Secondly, it offers a variety of services such as accepting sports bets and accepting regular casino bets.

Besides this, There is a wide range of withdrawal and deposit methods available through the site, We will explain them in detail later.

However, We always recommend trying the site for free at first, Then if the player wants to continue betting through the site, he can deposit a small amount of money to ensure the overall reliability of the site before depositing any large or other amounts through the site.

Create a Rabona account and deposit

 Creating a Rabona account is not complicated at all, Here we will explain to you in detail how you can create a Rabona account simply and easily:

1. The player must visit the site in order to register and get an account. After visiting the site, The player clicks on the quick record or record button.

2. After the player clicks on the record button, A screen appears for the player that the player must enter the email address, and the name that the player wishes to use to log logins, And the password that the player will use in order to access his account, and finally, Promo code rabona if the player has one. The player will then have to click on the Agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions as well so that we move on to the next step as shown in the attached image.

Create a Rabona account and deposit

3. In the second step of registration, The player enters the main set of data that will be used in his personal account. These names are the name and the last name, Then the place of residence (Kuwait) in this case, and the currency that the player wishes to use on his account, Then the phone number, the city in which the player lives (Kuwait), the player’s detailed address, the address of the postal code as well, and finally the date of birth and gender as shown in the image below.

Create a Rabona account and deposit

4. After completing the step, The Rubana Kuwait casino website takes the player to the deposit page, Where the player can choose the most suitable deposit method for him and deposit any amount he wishes. The site allows depositing using a range of options such as credit cards, digital wallets, and even digital currencies as shown in the picture.

Create a Rabona account and deposit

5. After that, The player goes to the home page of his account, Where he can review his current balance, and his score of points, in addition to any prizes or rewards received, Finally, the history of his transactions through Rabona Kuwait casino as shown in the image below.

Create a Rabona account and deposit

Login rabona kuwait online

 Logging in at Rabuna Casino Kuwait is very simple. After the player obtains an account through the site and the account verification process is terminated like this, The player can visit the site and log in using their username and password in a very traditional way.  

Banking options in Rabona Kuwait Online

 Rabona Casino offers Kuwait a wide range of options that can be used to deposit and withdraw through it. It is noted that not all options that players can use to deposit are available for withdrawal either, so We will explain the means available for depositing first, And then we will discuss the available means of withdrawal as well:

  • Credit Cards: The site allows the use of the most popular credit cards in the markets to complete deposits. Of course, the site allows its players to use both Visa and MasterCard cards.

Credit cards are a very special way to complete withdrawals and deposits due to the speed of processing payments. But on the other hand, This method may not be the most suitable for Kuwaiti players since betting operations are generally illegal in Kuwait. The use of credit cards can reveal some details that players may not want to reveal, Whether for the competent authorities or even for intruders.

  • Digital Wallets: Digital wallets are another unique deposit method that Rabona Kuwait Online Casino can use. Among the most popular digital wallets that the site allows to use in deposits are Skrill, Neteller and AstroPay.

Digital wallets are generally characterized by processing financial transactions almost instantaneously, In addition, It keeps players’ transactions private which means it is the perfect medium to use for Kuwaiti players.

But on the other hand, Deposits made using Skrill or Neteller digital wallets do not qualify players for welcome bonuses! However, We support using these means so that players can maintain their overall privacy.

  • Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies have gained significant momentum over the past few years as a potential alternative to cash. Cryptocurrencies have proliferated and the prices of some such as Bitcoin have exceeded $60,000 per coin!

However, Cryptocurrencies are known as one of the most volatile assets. Where in 2022 it lost only two-thirds of its value, Bitcoin’s price fell below the $20,000 level.

Although the site provides a wide range of cryptocurrencies as accepted currencies that players can use for payments, However, we believe that if you are not a native user of cryptocurrencies, Avoid paying with cryptocurrencies.

The site allows the use of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, LiteKuwait, Ethereum, Ripple, USD Coin, and DAI.

Of course, the player needs to own what is known as a digital wallet. Inside this digital wallet, he can store as many digital currencies as he wants. Rabona Kuwait Casino allows you to create a digital wallet through it as it is positioned in the format.

Banking options in Rabona Kuwait Online

After we have completed the available deposit methods, We will now address the available withdrawal methods as well:

  • Bank Transfers: Rabona Kuwait Casino allows you to request the withdrawal of your winnings via traditional bank transfers. Of course, this method is one of the oldest and slowest used in financial transactions. In addition, They require entering a lot of data which violates the privacy of the players.
  • Digital Wallets: Rabbona Kuwait Casino allows its players to withdraw their cash using some digital wallets such as Skrill and Neteller as in deposits.
  • Cryptocurrencies: The site allows its players to withdraw their winnings using a range of currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum and DAI as pictured below.
Banking options in Rabona Kuwait Online

 Tips when creating a Rabona account

  In explaining the Rabona program, we offer you a very important set of tips to be used when downloading Rabona or your desire to create a Rabona account:

Use a VPN

Using a VPN is absolutely essential, Not only when using the Rabona website, But also when using other betting sites like bc.game casino for example.

VPNs are programs that change the IP address of the device used to complete the process of accessing betting sites.

The importance of this program lies in the fact that online betting in general in Kuwait is illegal, This means that players may be subjected to some harassment if they are discovered using online betting sites.

There are many VPN programs, some of which are free and some of which require a subscription, Choose the right software for you and make sure to use it whether you visit Rabona Kuwait casino via your traditional computer or via mobile.

Play Rabona Live Casino

 Live rabona or live casino play is a set of games that are mainly intended to provide an atmosphere similar to that experienced by bettors on traditional casino sites.

Play rabona Kuwait live games are unprogrammed games, Rather, games run by a real dealer that players can communicate with. Knowing that this communication is done through the use of video technology in addition to chatting. This also allows players to communicate with each other as well.

In the following sections, We will show you the most popular live games that you can enjoy at Rabona Kuwait Casino.

Rabona Casino Games for Kuwait

 Before we show you to play Rabona Live, We will give you a rabona explanation of all the games available through the site.

The games offered via the Rabona casino website are divided into three main categories:

  • Traditional board games

There are a group of sites that offer
Table 31 online in Kuwait
, but what is meant by board games in this section is not the famous traditional board games in the Arab world, Other games dating back to the eighteenth century such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker and
keno online in Kuwait

And of course talking about each of these games goes a bit long, However, we will try to provide a brief paragraph on each of these games to help our players understand the nature of the games available through the Rabona casino website.

  • Roulette 

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Roulette has gained its fame from its design and ease of learning and has been featured a wide range of times in popular films such as the Ocean series.

The idea of roulette is very simple, The distributor moves the wheel in a direction, He then throws the ball in the opposite direction to the acceleration.

The ball continues to move and slows down slowly until it rests on one of the holes. The roulette wheel consists of 37 holes, Each of them has a number. Numbers start from 0 to 36.

As the dealer throws the ball, players predict the number on which the ball will rest, If true, expect players to win large sums that may reach 35 times the value of the base bet!

If the expectation is not correct, Players lose the entire amount.

Roulette is a favorite of many because they like the idea that it is completely based on luck. However, Studying roulette betting schedules can increase your odds of winning even if it will lower the amount of profit expected itself.

  • poker 

 Poker is one of the most popular games in the Arab world in general and Kuwait in particular. Players love it because it doesn’t just depend on skill, It depends on luck as well.

Poker is a team game, It can be shared by between two players and up to 8 players. Each player gets 5 cards. The main objective of the game is to create the strongest combinations possible. In poker there is a large collection of groups such as Full House, 4 of the kind, Straight Flush and others.

Players can bet with each round spin, They can also redeem their cards in the main version of poker, which is 5 cards draw. 

Popular Rabona Live Play

Rabona Kuwait Casino offers more than 200 live games, Among the most famous of these games are:

  1. Rabone Roulette
  2. Roulette Blitz
  3. Crazy Coin Flip
  4. Sweet Bonanza Candy Land
  5. Crazy Time
  6. Monopoly BIG Baller
  7. One Blackjack
  8. Mega Ball
  9. Quick Roulette
  10. 2 Hand Casino Hold’em 

Rabona casino Kuwait game software providers

 Rubana Casino Kuwait contracts with a wide range of world-renowned gaming providers, In our Rabona casino review, we mention the most popular of these providers:

  1. PlayNGo
  2. Evolution
  3. Pragmatic
  4. Pragmatic Live
  5. PlayTech
  6. QuickSpin
  7. Microgaming
  8. Spinomenal
  9. Increased
  10. Merkur

Download the Rabona app

 Rabona is a website that enables sports betting and casino game betting as well. However, It is not possible to download rabona for Android or download rabona for iPhone, as the site is not specialized in
Kuwait Mobile Casino
, nor does it have a special application on the authorized stores for these phones, which are the Google Play Stores or the iPhone App Store.

Download rabona for iPhone

 Those wishing to download Rabona for iPhone can register and get an account through the site traditionally, The site is programmed in a way that allows it to show its games well across iPhone screens or Apple devices in general.

Download Rabona for Android

As with iPhones, Rabona cannot be downloaded for Android as Rabona does not provide mobile apps in general. However, Android owners can browse games and subscribe through the site and the site’s services will be displayed in the best form available.

FAQs about downloading the Rabona app

Is there an apk format or rabona mobile app?

No. The Site does not provide a customized version that can be used by mobile phone owners, However, You can try the site services and games using your mobile browser traditionally, The site refers you to a version that is better designed to display content for mobile.

Does the Rabona casino site offer any special mobile registration bonuses?

No. Mobile owners get the same offers as registrants via the site very traditionally.

Can my activity be synced via the Rabona mobile app and website?

As mentioned above, Rabona mobile software was not released in the first place, This means that your access from the mobile phone will be through the traditional browser, which is the same access that you do through a regular computer.

Can I try live mobile gaming?

For sure Imagine watching videos on YouTube with a place to write comments. For your information, Live games come from a professional game provider that takes into account the customization of its game offer to suit all types of mobile.

Are there specific types of operating systems that are not compatible with the Rabona Mobile version?

We repeat that it is not possible to download the Rabona application as the site did not launch such an application in the first place, However, As long as the browser available on your mobile is the latest version of known and popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, The site will work traditionally and naturally via your mobile.

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اربح الان
Rabona Casino Kuwait

Rabona Casino Website Licenses

 Rabona Kuwait Casino is a company managed by Rabidi Group N.V., It is licensed and certified by Karakao License No. 151791.

The website is also affiliated with Tilaros Limited, a company licensed and authorized under Cypriot law under the number HE 406322.

Rabona Customer Service

Rabona Casino Kuwait provides customer service through two main means: email and live chat.

Unfortunately, Live chat doesn’t work most of the time! And you usually end up asking for help via email.

The support services provided through Rabona Kuwait Online are support services in English, Although the site offers an Arabic version for accounts and the home page.

FAQs about Rabona Casino  Kuwait

Is Rabona Kuwait Casino accredited and holds the necessary licenses

Rabona Casino Kuwait is affiliated with a company approved and licensed by Carcoao, therefore, The casino holds a license to offer betting in general. But the ratings obtained by the site via independent rating sites are unfortunately not good!

What are the best welcome bonuses I can get when I create a Rabona account?

The biggest bonus offered by Rabona is the registration and betting bonus through the casino section and is a maximum of 500 euros in addition to 200 free slot spins.

How much profit can I make when playing via rabona?

It largely depends on the game you place your bet on whether in sports betting or casino betting. In both cases, There are high odds of loss as well. Most players who try the services of online casino sites or even betting, They don’t keep profit in mind, they just strive to have a good time.

What is the difference between sports betting and casino betting?

Sports betting includes betting on the results of major popular games such as football, basketball, etc.
Casino betting includes betting on games such as poker, roulette, baccarat and other popular casino games.

Can I withdraw my winnings directly from my account?

Casino and betting sites require players to verify their accounts, Or submit the necessary documents to authenticate them. These documents are utility bills such as water, electricity and gas bills, In addition to the bank account statement to prove the player’s place of residence.
After completing the verification of your account, The player can request a withdrawal processed by the site in at least 4 working days.

The bottom line

Although Rabona Kuwait Casino is well designed, It offers a large selection of the best games, However, he could not convince many players, and this is evident from the negative reviews obtained by this site in various rating sites.

If you want to try it either in sports betting or even through the casino section, You can try its services for free, Or if you want to try real money rabona deposit a very small amount to try things out through the casino.

In conclusion of our article, We wish you all the best and strive to maintain your trust in us by providing documented and authentic information.

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