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1xbet Kuwait Casino Review

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1xbet Kuwait casino is not a traditional casino site, It is one of the best
Kuwait online casino
sites that we have reviewed.

We are talking here about a site that establishes partnerships with a group of the strongest international teams such as Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Lille of France, In addition to sponsoring the Italian Premier League and the African Union.

OneBit Kuwait also partners with some of the world’s leading gaming providers such as IHC, OG, TUNDRA, CCT and many more.

Is 1xbet Kuwait Casino a good choice for Kuwaiti players?

1xbet Kuwait online casino is never inferior in level to the world-famous betting sites. Via the Site, Players can place their bets on the most important sporting events in football, basketball and even horse and camel racing!

Not only that, Through this site, Kuwaiti players can even bet on the results of political elections in a wide range of countries! We are talking here about parliamentary elections, presidential elections and other influential events around the world.

Welcome bonuses at online casino sites

Before we offer you in the review of 1xbet casino the welcome bonuses that you can receive on the 1xbet website, We would like to give you a simple overview of welcome bonuses in general and why betting sites offer such bonuses.

Welcome bonuses are divided into a large number of sections, Here are the most prominent ones:

  1. No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses are bonuses offered by betting sites and online casinos with the aim of encouraging customers to try the different betting platform and games available through the platform as well.

Sites that offer such bonuses usually only ask their players to sign up for an account through the site. Immediately after that, players can receive these rewards.

It is worth noting that these bonuses are virtual, That is, the player cannot withdraw those bonuses in cash, Nor can he withdraw any profits he has been able to make from such rewards as well. In addition, These bonuses are not widespread among betting sites. 

  1. Welcome Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is perhaps the most popular type of bonus whether through other casino sites such as YYY Kuwait Casino

or OneBit Kuwait Casino website. The main goal of such bonuses is simply to encourage players to use the 1xbet program by depositing through it and trying out the games.

It is as if downloading the 1xbet application is a process for which the site is rewarded. But as this reward reaches? As a matter of fact This bonus varies from site to site. The bonus you can get on 1xbet will be very different from
, for example. But in general, betting sites link the value of the bonus to the amount of the deposit that the player has placed in the account.

For example, The site announces that it will give a bonus of 150% of the player’s deposit up to a maximum of 200 USD. This means that if a player deposits $100, for example, You will receive a bonus of 150 USD. One and a half times the value of the player’s deposit.

And of course this reward seems so generous that it is unbelievable! In fact, these bonuses are real but they come with a set of slightly complicated terms and conditions,  which players must read before agreeing to this approval to make sure they can fully meet them.

The most prominent of these terms and conditions is what are known as wagering requirements. Wagering requirements vary from site to site as well. But it’s usually 20 to 50 times — and possibly more — than the reward value. But what does this mean?

means that the player receives a welcome bonus of $100, will have to if the wagering requirement is 30, To bet sums totaling up to $3,000 USD so that he can get the amount of that bonus!

Not only that, The duration during which the player must meet the wagering requirements is usually linked. Some sites require wagering requirements to be met within a week, And another within 10 days, At a maximum, some sites allow these wagering requirements to be met within one month of receiving the bonus.

In addition, Some sites require that these requirements be met exclusively on a specific set of games, Slots games for example.

  1. Loyalty points

Loyalty points are systems by which OneBit Kuwait and other casino sites such as Casino are rewarded

its players to ensure they maintain their loyalty, And encourage them to keep betting across those sites.

In general, Betting sites link this system to the amount the player uses to bet. And with every dollar the player bets with, A few points are added to it. Of course, the points added vary from one casino to another.

It is possible for the player to use these points later either by exchanging them for withdrawable cash, Or free slot courses, for example, Or as points that bring him a bit closer to signing up for the VIP club.  

1bet Kuwait Welcome Casino Bonuses

 1xbet Kuwait Casino is distinguished by offering a wide range of welcome bonuses to its players, The welcome bonuses it offers mainly vary between bonuses for online casino games and other bonuses for sports betting.

Below, We show you the most important 1xbet casino bonuses for Kuwait and their associated terms and conditions:

  1. 200% deposit bonus for sports betting

Those wishing to register on the 1xbet website can double their first deposits up to a maximum of 100 USD.

As mentioned above, Welcome bonuses across betting sites generally come with a set of terms and conditions that must be met in order for players to receive those bonuses. The terms and conditions associated with this bonus are as follows:

  • Each customer is entitled to one welcome bonus. This reward is divided into two stages, In each stage, the player receives 100% of his deposit up to a maximum of 100 USD for both stages.
  • The bonus is automatically credited to the client’s account after making the first deposit, This is in case the customer completes all his account data in addition to activating his phone number as well.
  • The bonus must be used within 30 days from the date of registration, The bonus and any profits recorded using the bonus will be deducted.
  • The client can withdraw the bonus only after meeting the wagering requirements. The wagering requirement for this welcome bonus is to bet half the bonus amount five times – in which case the player will be required to wager $250 if they receive a $100 bonus – in what are known as cumulative bets. Each cumulative bet contains at least 3 different sporting events, Its odds are 1.40 minimum.
  • As for the second half of the bet, His wagering requirement is to bet thirty times its value in the games available via the 1xGames section. This means that the player will have to deposit another $1,500 – if they receive a bonus of $100 – and bet on these games until the requirements for that bet are met.
  • The bonus cannot be withdrawn before the wagering requirements are met, If the Client attempts to withdraw the Reward, the Bonus will be forfeited and any profits the Client has been able to make using that Bonus will be forfeited.
  • Customers have the right to reject the bonus before completing all the wagering requirements imposed to win the competition if their available balance in their accounts is greater than the bonus amount. Clients can also withdraw all their remaining deposits. And, of course, In this case, the bonus and any profits made by the customers using it will be forfeited.
  • Clients do not receive this welcome bonus if they use cryptocurrencies to deposit.
  • This bonus cannot be accepted if the player receives any other rewards or special offers.
  • 1xbet Kuwait Casino has the right to modify the available offers, Or even refuse any customer to obtain these offers at any time without prior notice.
  • 1xbet Kuwait Online also reserves the right to review all client transactions to ensure that the client does not violate the rules of fair play. Or to ensure that the client does not use any strategy that 1xbet may consider illegitimate – at its sole discretion – and if the site finds evidence of this, He has the right to prevent the player’s participation in the rewards program and to forfeit any reward that the player has received, In addition to forfeiting any winnings earned by the player using that bonus as well.
  1. Welcome bonus up to USD 1,500 and 150 slot spins

The 1xbet casino site offers a great welcome bonus for those wishing to bet on online casino games. The casino offers this very large amount, which exceeds most of what is available and offered by other betting sites and online casino sites.

The amount, as we indicated, comes with a set of terms and conditions that the player must meet in order for 1xbet to grant the bonus to the player, the most important of which are:

  1. 1xbet Kuwait Casino gives this bonus to customers with completed accounts with an active phone number.
  2. Clients wishing to receive this bonus must agree to receive it from the account settings page or directly from the deposit page.
  3. Players participating in this offer receive free spins of slots divided into 4 deposits, With the first deposit players get free spins that can be used in Reliquary of Ra, With the second deposit, players get spins that can be used in Chieftain Buffalo. After the third deposit, players receive free spins that can be used in Juicy Fruits 27 Ways. After the fourth and final deposit, players receive free spins in Rich of the Mermaid Hold and Spin.
  4. Players who have used cryptocurrencies are not eligible for this offer.
  5. The site does not grant these bonuses immediately, It may even take some time for rewards to be credited to customers’ balance.
  6. The minimum that qualifies you for this offer is your deposit of 10 euros in the first deposit, Then 15 euros in the next three deposits.
  7. The gift is distributed at 100% and 30 free spins in the first deposit, 50% and 35 free spins in the second deposit, 25% and 40 free spins in the third deposit, In the fourth deposit, the player receives 25% of the value of his deposit in addition to 45 free slot spins.
  8. The maximum bonus that a player can receive is 300 euros upon his first deposit, and 350 euros on his second deposit, and 400 euros on his third deposit, Finally 450 euros when depositing the fourth.
  9. The wagering requirement for this bonus is to multiply the value of the bonus you received 35x within one week from the date you received the bonus, Provided that the maximum betting round is €5 at a time.
  10. This means that if a player receives a bonus of 100 euros for example, He will need to deposit 35 times the value of that bonus of 3500 euros and bet this full amount on slots in just one week until he finally gets the bonus amount!   

How to get 1xbet welcome bonuses?

 The method of obtaining bonuses available varies in general through 1xbet Kuwait Online, Here we will mention to you how to get the two largest rewards we discussed above:

  1. To get the sports betting welcome bonus, You will fill in all the data in your account and make sure that your phone number is activated, Then deposit money – even if it’s only $10 – and the bonus will be automatically credited to your account.
  2. As for the large welcome bonus for casino games, You should follow the same steps above, However, you will visit the account and review the rewards available from your personal account page, You will then ask for the reward. 

Loyalty programs through 1xbet casino to Kuwait

 The 1xbet casino site pays special attention to its customers and the loyalty points that these customers can get. 1xbet Kuwait Online offers 7 main levels of loyalty, With each loyalty level, the customer gets better advantages, In particular, he can redeem a fraction of the money he bets.

1xbet Kuwait Casino awards loyalty points to customers according to this mechanism:

  1. In the first level (copper), Players get 100 points when they bet one euro.
  2. In the second level (bronze), Players get 150 points when they bet one euro.
  3. In the third level (silver), Players get 200 points when they bet one euro.
  4. In the fourth (gold) level, Players get 250 points when they bet one euro.
  5. In the fifth level (ruby), Players get 300 points when they bet one euro.
  6. In the sixth level (ruby), Players get 350 points when they bet one euro.
  7. In the seventh level (diamond), Players get 400 points with every euro you bet.

However, The biggest beneficiaries of loyalty points are players who are a bit of lucky, No losses are refunded to winning players in the grand total.

For example, a player whose winnings exceed the amount of his bets,   His winnings are 600 euros, for example, and his basic bets were 500 euros. He will not be able to recover any money he has lost.

The timing of receiving this money also varies depending on the level, Where the player gets it in the first level once every 7 days, And the second level once every 6 days, And the third level once every 5 days, The fourth every 4 days, the fifth level once every 3 days, and the sixth level recovers part of its losses every two days, Finally, seventh-level players can recover their losses once a day.

The terms of 1xbet casino Kuwait also stipulate that  some losses will not be paid to the player if he has more than €2 in his account at the time of receiving that portion. 

VIP Club at 1xbet Kuwait Online 

Large clients enjoy special treatment across all betting sites for the purpose of rewarding their large deposits on the one hand, On the other hand to maintain their loyalty to the site.

VIP Club members can recover a larger portion of their losses than their traditional counterparts, The losses recovered for VIP Club members are calculated as follows:

  1. VIP Club members receive 450 points for every euro wagered;
  2. The value of the losses recovered is calculated individually on each bet made by the player, Regardless of the final outcome of this bet.
  3. The cashback is calculated according to the type of games. 1xbet offers the following percentages according to different games:
  • 25% for slots games, This is the highest payback rate a player can receive in a VIP club;
  • 1% for live casino games;
  • 2% for any type of lottery (quino and bingo);
  • 05% for table games (roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack and games available in the other games section). 

Tips Before Accepting Online Casino Bonuses

 Many players subscribe to online casino sites because of the big welcome bonuses, However, We have shown you in the previous paragraphs that obtaining these rewards is not easy at all, And it requires a lot of effort.

Therefore, We always recommend that our readers read the full terms and conditions of any such prize before accepting it. These same terms vary from site to site.

We also recommend our players not to deposit large amounts to get big bonuses. Rather, the player must try the site for free at first so that he fully gets acquainted with the gaming platform and the games itself, He can then deposit, if he wants, small amounts to test the withdrawal process and make sure it is smooth.

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1xbet Kuwait Casino Review

Why do Kuwaitis try 1xbet Kuwait?

 OneBet Kuwait Casino is one of the best online betting sites at all levels. 1xbet provides betting service on both traditional and digital games in addition to betting on electronic games as well, which Kuwaitis love.

The site is also dedicated to Arabic, where all sections appear properly translated, In addition, The site also offers support services in Arabic.

Create an account 1xbet and deposit

 Creating a 1xbet account is very easy, All the player needs to do is visit the site and request an account or request registration.

The basic data that the site requires from Kuwaiti players to register is the name, email, last name, phone number, country, city and currency that the player wishes to use from his account, The player can also use the 1xbet promo code if he has. 

Login 1xbet Kuwait Online
Login 1xbet Kuwait Online
Login 1xbet Kuwait Online

Login 1xbet Kuwait Online 

After completing this process, The site sends an email to the email address entered to verify the player’s ownership of that address.

After the player clicks on the link received via his email, The login process is performed 1xbet directly and is redirected. The player to his account directly

Login 1xbet Kuwait Online
Login 1xbet Kuwait Online

Banking options at 1xbet Kuwait Online

Banking options at 1xbet Kuwait Online

Its players have a wide range of banking options that Kuwaiti players can easily use. Below, We will present to you the most important options available that can be used, With the advantages and disadvantages of each of these means:

  1. Debit & Credit Cards

Withdrawal and credit options are one of the most popular withdrawal and deposit methods generally used across digital commerce sites. Withdrawal and credit methods are available everywhere and completing banking through them does not take much time, unlike other traditional options such as bank transfers, for example.

1xbet Casino allows Kuwait to use Visa, MasterCard and even Paysafe to complete transactions through the platform.

The minimum deposit with credit cards is one euro, The minimum deposit is €10.

Despite the great advantages that credit cards have, Unfortunately, maintaining the privacy and data of players is not one of these advantages! This is a big problem for Kuwaiti players who do not want to disclose their data or the transfer of their money to the competent authorities.

  1. Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are the best medium in terms of use for Kuwaiti players. It is characterized by completing banking transactions at the same speed as credit and debit cards and perhaps faster, In addition to fully maintaining the privacy of the players. Where the payment statement shows that this money was transferred or received from the company managing that instrument, It is not from the 1xbet Kuwait casino website.

The digital wallets available for use are Skrill and Neteller.

  1. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are a means of payment that has conquered the world during the last decade, It spread because it fully preserved the privacy of both parties to the transaction. Because it is fundamentally decentralized, That is, they are not carried out through the formal banking system.

However, Cryptocurrencies are one of the most volatile financial means. We have all witnessed the deterioration in their value during 2022, Where it lost almost two-thirds of its value!

However, Some may consider it a good and convenient option to maintain privacy. 1xbet adopts the following currencies to complete the deposit and withdrawal process Bitcoin, And Litcoin, and Dojocoin, and Ethereum. 

Tips when creating a 1xbet account 

There are three tips we like to give players before creating a 1xbet account:

  1. You don’t get an account because of welcome bonuses only! Welcome bonuses come with a set of terms and conditions that make it a real challenge to obtain. Therefore, Create an account only if you want to try the world of betting just for fun.
  2. Use a VPN, Since betting in Kuwait is generally illegal. Therefore, If you want to bet, you will have to use a VPN to ensure that your IP address changes, making it difficult to track your device used to access the site.
  3. Use banking methods that are difficult to track such as Skrill or Neteller digital wallets. Although cryptocurrencies play the same role, However, we do not recommend them due to their high volatility and illegality in a wide range of countries around the world.

Play 1xbet live casino 

In 1xbet casino review, Take a quick look at the concept of live games, And then we look at the most prominent games available in general through 1xbet Casino. 

Live games are an attempt by betting sites to create an atmosphere similar to that of traditional casinos. Most live games are board games, We are not referring to a game like Table 31 Online in Kuwait, but rather to the famous casino games as table games.

Board games are games developed on the European continent during the 18th century, These games are now world-famous. We talk about games like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and even famous lotteries like keno online in Kuwait.

Online casino sites offer these games but with video streaming technology, A real dealer supervises these games and receives players’ requests and bets via live chat and an integrated dashboard. Players can communicate with each other using live chat as well.

 Sports 1xbet Kuwait Online 

1xbet Kuwait Casino allows its players to bet on a wide range of world-famous sports, and a wider range of international competitions available, Following We mention to you the most prominent sports that the site provides to its users:

  1. football

 The site allows its Kuwaiti players to bet on a group of the largest football competitions around the world, such as the last World Cup, which was held in Qatar, And Champions League competitions and major European leagues such as the English Premier League, which includes a group of the strongest teams in the world such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United and other famous teams.

The site also allows Kuwaiti bettors to bet on the matches of their national teams or even their local leagues.

  1. Tennis

1xbet Casino Kuwait organizes special competitions for tennis betting and these competitions include random draws for players who bet on matches from the four major tennis tournaments:

  • US Open Tennis Championship
  • Roland Garros Championship
  • Wimbledon Championships
  • Australian Open
  1. Horse and camel racing

The site allows its players to bet on a group of horse and camel races around the world, whether these competitions are held in the Arabian Gulf region, Or on other international tracks such as Britain or the United States of America. 

1xbet casino games for kuwait 

1xbet Casino offers Kuwait a distinctive package of famous casino games, which are mainly divided into 3 main categories of games, which are table games, and under this category are roulette, poker, baccarat and blackjack, Then the category of slots games falls under this category a large group of diverse and different slot games, Then live games, which are what we touched on earlier. 

Popular 1xbet live play

Playing 1xbet live is varied and many and each player can find what suits him with it. Below, We present to you the most famous of these games in their various versions available through the site:

  • Poker – Texas Hold’em version;
  • Roulette;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat game;
  • Blackjack;
  • Football Studio ;
  • Blackjack – Russian version; 

1xbet casino Kuwait game software providers

OneBet Kuwait Casino deals with a group of the best software and game providers that exist in the betting industry in general. Below, We present to you the most prominent game makers with whom 1xbet deals:

  • Evolution
  • Pragmatic Plau
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Absolute Live Gaming
  • SwinttLive
  • EA Gaming
  • Lucky Streak
  • Live Slots

Download the application 1xbet 

1xbet is one of the special betting sites that allows you to complete the download of the 1xbet application directly via the website.

Thus, It is one of the best mobile casino sites in Kuwait where

It undoubtedly gives players a unique gaming experience, both at the level of sports betting and at the level of traditional casino games as well.

Download 1xbet for iPhone 

1xbet for iPhone is downloaded directly through the official game store for the iPhone system, which is the App Store. Those wishing to download 1xbet for iPhone directly and for free can complete mobile betting. 

Download 1xbet for Android 

 Download 1xbet for Android is not done through the official app store, 1xbet Kuwait Casino even offers a live version so that players can download 1xbet for Android in apk format directly via the website. 

FAQs about downloading the 1xbet application

Can I download 1xbet app via Android app store?

No However you can download the 1xbet application via the website directly.

Does the 1xbet mobile site work without special apps?

Yes There is a version intended for viewing on mobile even if you don’t have a mobile app. However, Downloading and downloading the mobile app will ensure you have better gaming fun.

Is downloading 1xbet free app?

Yes. You can download the application for free and directly from the site for the Android version, And from the official store for the iPhone version

Do I have to download the 1xbet app to be able to bet?

No You can bet naturally and traditionally via your desktop or laptop.

Are bets I make through the app synchronized with those I make through my traditional account?

For sure All bets you place via the mobile app appear directly via the other traditional version.

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1xbet Kuwait Casino Review

Tcheap casino site 1xbet 

OneBit Casino Kuwait is operated by 1XCorp N.V as an authorized company with license number (1668/JAZ) from Carcoao. Klafkaniro Ltd. also provides financial transaction processing services and is an authorized company headquartered in Cyprus.

1xbet Casino Customer Service for Kuwait 

Despite the huge number of customers of the 1xbet casino site, However, the site provides a number of  support tools that can be used by players, such as the frequently asked questions section, Players can search for all matters related to the site or any queries they have.

If players can’t find the answer they’re looking for, They can directly connect to the live chat service. And via the live chat service, Players can ask about anything within the 1xbet program related to their account or others.

The support service provided through the website is available in Arabic, However, The customer will not get a quick response via the instant chat service.

On the other hand, The customer can contact the customer support service via official email [email protected]

FAQs about 1xbet Casino Kuwait

Is 1xbet casino for Kuwait safe to deposit cash in?

1xbet casino Kuwait is one of the best online betting sites. Therefore, There is no harm in depositing your money there, But first make sure to read the terms and conditions and understand the nature of the betting before depositing.

What are the expected profits to be made from betting on 1xbet casino?

The percentage of winnings you can make varies depending on the type of bet you place via 1xbet casino Kuwait. But the general rule is that the higher the risk in a bet, The higher the potential profit value.

What deposit bonuses can I get when registering with 1xbet?

There are two bonuses that you can get when you register through 1xbet casino Kuwait and they are a welcome bonus for sports, And another for online casino games.
The sports bonus is 200% of the deposit value up to a maximum of 100 USD. The casino bonus is $1,500 with 150 free slots as well.

Is 1xbet available in Arabic?


Is Gambling Legal in Kuwait?

No Therefore, it is recommended that those wishing to try betting on 1xbet or any other betting site use a VPN program and a payment method that hides transaction details such as Skrill or Neteller.

The bottom line 

1xbet Kuwait Casino is one of the best online betting sites offering betting services for sports, online casino games, digital games and even betting on global events such as presidential elections in some countries!

1xbet Kuwait Online offers two bonuses, One for sports betting players and the other for online casino players, In addition to another large host of other member bonuses.

However, The casino is faulted for not providing live support services to its players properly, This is probably due to its large customer base.

In general, We believe that 1xbet casino can be a very good experience for those wishing to try online bookmakers.

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